Wimbledon Championships 2024

The Wimbledon Championships is considered the most prestigious tennis tournament worldwide. As a result, it’s understandable why tennis lovers always want to follow the events when they kick off. In Kenya, many fans also prefer betting on the tournament. 

With the 2024 tournament getting near, there are some key factors you need to know if you want to bet on the tennis events. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide. We’ll also provide you with the best bookmakers in Kenya for Wimbledon Championships betting with high-value odds. So, read on to learn all the details.

Brief Overview of the Wimbledon Championships

As stated earlier, The Wimbledon Championship is widely regarded as the most prestigious tennis tournament. While some will argue that, there’s no debate that it’s the oldest in the world. The first Wimbledon Championships was held in 1877, over 145 years ago.

The competition forms part of the four prestigious Grand Slam tournaments in tennis, alongside the US Open, French Open, and Australia Open. It takes place annually at the All English Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London. When the Championship kicks off, it’s sure to draw in the best tennis players from all over the world.

Kenya tennis betting fans follow the tournament because of its many wagering opportunities. With five main events, you’re sure to find many matches to bet on. Typically, the Gentlemen’s Singles and Gentlemen’s Doubles are the favorites for many punters.

For tennis players in Kenya, the Wimbledon Championships also hold particular significance. Winning the trophy is a dream for any pro player, so anyone who makes the draw will want to make the country proud. So far, no Kenyan has achieved the feat yet. The best came from Angella Okutoyi, who made history in 2022 by winning the Junior Championships.

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When and Where will be Wimbledon Championships 2024

The 2024 Wimbledon tournament will run for 14 days, beginning on the 1st of July and ending on the 14th. As usual, the events will take place in the UK, particularly at the All English Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon. Let’s find out more about the location.

Wimbledon Championships 2024

2024 Wimbledon Location: The All English Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

Established in 1868, the All English Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club holds crucial significance in tennis history. The facility boasts 19 grass courts, including the most famous ones in the world, like the Centre Court, No. 1 Court, and No. 2 Court. Many Kenya tennis fans and worldwide consider the club the birthplace of modern tennis. For emphasis, the rules of the sports used today were codified at the location in the 19th century. 

Where to Watch Wimbledon Championships 2024 in Kenya

You can follow the 2024 tournament live on major TV and streaming channels that show tennis games in Kenya. When the Championships kick off, below are some popular broadcasters where you can expect to watch:

  • Canal Plus International (Afrique)
  • DSTV Kenya
  • Showmax Pro
  • Wimbledon official site

Wimbledon Championships 2024 Full Schedule

For Kenya tennis fans who don’t want to miss any minute of the Wimbledon in 2024, here’s a full rundown of the tournament’s schedule in 2025:

  • 1st Rounds: Monday 1st July — Tuesday 2nd July
  • 2nd Rounds: Wednesday 3rd July — Thursday 4th July
  • 3rd Rounds: Friday 5th July — Saturday 6th July
  • 4th Rounds: Sunday 7th July — Monday 8th July
  • Quarter Finals: Tuesday 9th July — Wednesday 10th July
  • Semi-Finals: Thursday 11th July — Friday 12th July
  • Finals: Saturday 13th July — Sunday 14th July

Wimbledon Championships 2024 Favorite Players

If you want to place wagers at tennis betting sites in Kenya, you’ll need to back the right players. In that view, let’s look at some athletes who are favorites to win the prestigious trophy:

Carlos Alcaraz (Spain)

Here’s the reigning champion for the Men’s Singles title after winning the tournament in 2023. Looking at odds and expert predictions, the Spaniard is expected to retain his title at the 2024 Championships. At only 19 years old, Carlos has been number one on the ATP rankings most of the year. Many tennis fans highlight his youthful energy as the athlete’s main advantage, and for good reason. When on the court, Carlos always takes on an aggressive baseline approach with powerful groundstrokes. The player also boasts excellent shot-making ability. With all these, backing the Spaniard to lift the trophy a consecutive time will make a good bet.

Carlos Alcaraz (Spain)

Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

Recently, Djokovic has gotten praises as the “GOAT” by Kenya tennis fans and enthusiasts worldwide. Indeed, at 37, the Serbian still has a good shot of winning at the 2024 Wimbledon. He’s a six-time winner of the tournament, and that demonstrates his experience of playing on grass courts. For emphasis, Djokovic won his last Wimbledon Championship in 2021, only three years ago. The player is known for being able to adapt his style to different opponents. Also, he’s well-composed in high-pressure situations, which gives him a significant edge. However, his age — considering the many younger players that’ll be at the tournament — is the primary reason he’s not the number one favorite. 

Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

Daniil Medvedev (Russian)

Medvedev has consistently maintained a position on the top-five ATP rankings since 2023. Perhaps the Russian has more drive to win at the Wimbledon Championships 2024, considering that he’s never reached the final. There’s no argument that he has what it takes, with his powerful servings and intense baseline games. Medvedev has reached the quarter-finals multiple times but failed to advance to the semis. One of his significant challenges is his movements and net game, as the athlete still needs to improve his tactics on grass courts. If the talented player can overcome these hurdles, he may finally make history and take home a Wimbledon trophy. 

Daniil Medvedev (Russian)

Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece)

At 25, Tsitsipas is one of the youngest favorites to win at the 2024 Championships in Wimbledon. Ardent Kenya tennis fans can recall when the Greek player reached the semifinals in 2021 but was defeated by Tiafoe in all three rounds. Predictions for the upcoming tournament are that the athlete will be looking to better his performance by aiming for the trophy. Tsitsipas is an experienced player when it comes to big matches. So, regardless of who he meets on the pitch, the Greek will be up to give his best.

Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece)
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Angella Okutoyi (Kenya)

While she may not be a top contender for the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, many Kenyans hope Okutoyi makes the final draw. The talented youngster won the Junior Championships Doubles in 2022, becoming the first Kenyan to complete the feat. She’s still ranked in the junior category, at around 569 in the WTA official list. As a result, the chances of Okutoyi making the final draw are slim. Also, the 20-year-old doesn’t have much experience in senior tournaments. Nevertheless, the Kenyan player already showed her prowess on the grass court. So, if she makes the final draw, she’s sure to make her country proud in the women’s singles and doubles.


Iga Swiatek (Poland)

The current favorite to win the Women’s tournament at the Wimbledon Championships 2024 is, undoubtedly, Swiatek. At 22, the Polish player is still very young and has yet to reach the final. However, she has been in an impressive dominating streak since last year. Notably, her winning consistency in 2023 was unmatched, with a powerful forehand and excellent court coverage. When it calls for it, Swiatek has also demonstrated strong mental fortitude. Many Kenya tennis betting enthusiasts will focus on the men’s tournament since it’s the most popular. But you can still make a valuable bet by backing Iga Swiatek in the women’s events.

Iga Swiatek (Poland)

Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus)

Here’s another popular favorite for the women’s tournament. Sabalenka has already caught the attention of many Wimbledon fans with her impressive runs in previous events. Particularly, the Belarusian had reached the semifinals of the competition on two occasions. According to experts, the only reason she’s yet to take home the title is her difficulty maintaining consistency throughout the tournament. Things can be very different in the 2024 competition if Sabalenka hits the court with more preparedness.

Aryna Sabalenka (Belarus)

Historical Significance and Traditions of the Wimbledon Tournament

The Wimbledon Championships predates all other Grand Slams, and the tournament has a rich place in tennis history. It’s the birthplace for many of past and present superstars of the sports, including:

Rod Laver

Bjorn Borg

Martina Navratilova

Roger Federer

For emphasis, Roger Federer has won the title eight times and Martin Navratilova nine. For Kenyan tennis fans following the sport for the past 20 years, it’s easy to recall the 2008 final between Nadal and Federal. It remains one of the most celebrated tennis games to date.

In terms of tradition, the Wimbledon Championships maintain a rather strict culture. Players are required to dress in standard tennis attire but in all-white. Interestingly, many spectators who come to watch the games also follow the all-white dress code, even if it doesn’t apply to them. At the courts, there’s a Royal Box usually graced by members of the British Royal Family. So, if you travel from Kenya to Wimbledon to watch the matches, you might meet the King of England. Now, let’s look at past tournament winners for men’s and women for more insights on players to back at tennis betting sites in Kenya.

Past Men’s Wimbledon Championship Winners 

Here’s a list of the past 10 winners and runner-ups of the Men’s Singles Wimbledon Championships:

2023Carlos AlcarazNovak Djokovic
2022Novak Djokovic Nick Kyrgios
2021Novak Djokovic Matteo Berrettini
2019Novak Djokovic Roger Federer
2018Novak Djokovic Kevin Anderson
2017Roger FedererMarin Čilić
2016Andy MurrayMilos Raonic
2015Novak Djokovic Roger Federer
2014Novak Djokovic Roger Federer 
2013Andy MurrayNovak Djokovic 

Clearly, Djokovic has been the dominant tennis player at Wimbledon in recent years. The  Serbian has won the trophy six times and was runner-up twice. After Djokovic, Federer comes next, with one win and three runner-up finishes.

Past Women’s Wimbledon Championship Winners

For the Women’s Singles Wimbledon Championships, here are the past 10 winners:

2023Markéta VondroušováOns Jabeur
2022Elena RybakinaOns Jabeur
2021Ashleigh BartyKarolina Plíšková
2019Simona HalepSerena Williams 
2018Angelique KerberSerena Williams 
2017Garbiñe MuguruzaVenus Williams
2016Serena WilliamsAngelique Kerber
2015Serena WilliamsGarbiñe Muguruza
2014Petra KvitováEugenie Bouchard 
2013Marion Bartoli Sabine Lisicki

Evidently, there’s much variance for the women’s winners. Only Serena Williams has managed to win the title on two occasions in the past ten years, and she also made runner-up on two occasions. However, the player won’t be available for Wimbledon Championships betting as she’s retired.

Wimbledon Betting Strategy – How to Bet on Wimbledon Championships 2024 from Kenya

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Successful betting always requires research to identify the most probable outcomes. Hence, for Kenya tennis betting fans who want to wager on the Wimbledon Championships 2024, we’ve put together some expert tips and strategies to follow. Check them out below:

  1. Focus on Players Grass Court Performances

    Events at Wimbledon are exclusively played on grass courts. So, when doing your research and analysis, pay more attention to how the athletes perform on green pitches.

  2. Consider Serve-and-Volley Players

    This is another tip that revolves around grass courts. It’s a known fact that grass fields favor serve-and-volley players due to their quick and low-bouncing nature. So, we recommend you identify athletes good in this tactic and bet on them for crucial matchups.

  3. Review Grand Slam Experience

    While there are many tennis tournaments globally, there are only four Grand Slam completions. Wimbledon may be the most prominent, but others are just as essential to players. Therefore, as you select odds on Kenya tennis betting sites, consider how the players perform in other Grand Alsk tournaments, like the US Open, French Open, and Australia Open.

  4. Check Current Rankings and Seedings

    Before the Wimbledon Championships kick off in July, ATP will likely update its world rankings. Then, compare the rankings with Wimbledon seeding positions. This will enable you whether one player has a massive upper hand in a particular fixture or if things are balanced.


The Wimbledon Championships 2024 is set to start on the first of July at the All English Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. If you want to bet on the events, you can pick from the best Kenya tennis betting sites on our recommended list.

These renowned bookmakers have high-value odds and other features that make the experience exciting. Also take note of the top favorite players and betting tips we highlighted. With our guide, you’re sure to make more informed bets.

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