Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting in Kenya

Welcome to our in-depth guide on the best payment methods for online sports betting in Kenya. Bookmakers often feature multiple payment options when you sign up on their website. As a result, choosing one can be challenging. This page will help make the choice easier, as we’ll explain the best options you can rely on for your deposits and withdrawals. 

What are payment methods in betting?

When you visit a Kenyan bookmaker website, you gamble with real money. In other words, you have to give the betting site KES to register your bet. Then, if you win, the bookmaker will also pay you real cash in KES.

Payment methods in betting are the mediums you use to make the above transactions. You use them to deposit money into your betting account to stake on sports matches. If your bet slip wins, the betting site will also send you your money using a payment method.

If you were betting at a shop, you’d pay directly with cash over the counter. However, it’s different with the internet, as you’re not in physical contact with the bookmaker agents. For this reason, online Kenya payment methods are important for a worthwhile betting experience.

Many bookmakers feature multiple payment methods, with bank cards, eWallets, and mobile money as the popular ones. Additionally, some sites now offer cryptocurrency. We’ll discuss more about these methods as you read on.

Online Sports Betting Sites in Kenya Using Safe and Secure Payment Methods

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Traditional Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting in Kenya

First, let’s discuss the traditional payment methods in betting on Kenya gambling sites. These are options you may already be familiar with, as they’re linked to conventional financial institutions like banks. Check them out below:

Credit cards

These options are often linked to bank accounts. So, as you pay, the Kenyan bookmaker deducts from your credit balance. To use credit cards, you usually only need to enter the details — like card number, expiry date, etc. Then, you provide your PIN to authenticate the transaction. However, note that credit card payments may incur fees.

Debit cards

Like credit cards, debit cards allow easy use and direct access to your bank account. However, debit cards are much more popular, as many people have savings accounts. Using debit cards doesn’t usually require additional intermediary steps. One notable advantage is that the payment method is accepted on many Kenyan betting sites. Nevertheless, you should be mindful of charges and transaction limits.

Prepaid cards

A popular option in this category is Paysafecard. Bettors who prioritize security can use this payment method for online sports betting in Kenya. To use it, you load a specific amount onto the card from your main bank account. That means you don’t have to share your core financial details when making payments. However, with prepaid cards, it’s more common to face maximum deposit limits. Additionally, they usually don’t work for withdrawals.

Bank transfers

Here’s the primary traditional payment method. It’s a direct and highly secure method for funding your sports betting account. Besides the security advantage, this payment method can accommodate larger amounts than others. However, there’s a notable drawback in that bank transfers typically take longer to process. So, if you wish to deposit or withdraw quickly, you may need to use a different option.

Emerging Digital Payment Methods for Online Sports Betting in Kenya

Besides the traditional payment methods, you can also access digital options that match the online betting experience. Some of these channels are local and based in Kenya. However, the majority are international, although they fully support KES on Kenyan sports betting sites. Let’s discuss the different categories:

Mobile money services

MPesa and Airtel Money are the top payment methods for online sports betting in Kenya for this category. You should already be used to these options. They’re straightforward. On the betting website, you’ll provide your ID — usually your phone number — and approve the payment when the bookmaker sends a prompt. The major downside to expect is the transaction limits, as mobile money services may not allow huge amounts.

Electronic Wallets

Here are the international digital payment methods you’ll come across. These include the likes of PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and MiFinity. eWallets offer the speed advantage, as transactions are usually instant on most Kenyan sports betting sites. However, you’ll likely face fees when withdrawing from your eWallet to your Kenya bank account. If you have to convert currencies, charges could apply as well.

Cryptocurrency as an Online Sports Betting Option in Kenya

If you prefer using digital coins, there are Kenyan online betting sites that support cryptocurrency. Generally, these options allow anonymity since you make payments using wallet IDs. Additionally, they’re quick and usually instant. Here are the top ones you can consider:

Bitcoin (BTC)

When discussing cryptocurrency payment methods in Kenya, Bitcoin always takes the first position. It’s the number one crypto coin, so the main advantage is that many bookmakers support it. However, note that, with many eyes on the currency, BTC price can be highly volatile. It can result in differences between amounts while you transact on betting sites.

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH always ranks next after Bitcoin. So, you’ll also find the crypto coin on many Kenyan sports betting sites. With Ethereum, you get more transparency due to its unique proof-of-stake approach to confirming transactions. Additionally, it’s a faster payment method than BTC. However, its price can also be highly volatile.

Litecoin (LTC)

If you’re particular about speed when choosing payment methods for online sports betting in Kenya, LTC is a reliable choice. It’s called “Lite” because it’s a lightweight version of BTC. In other words, it means Litecoin is easier to manage and quicker than BTC and ETH when it comes to transactions. Nevertheless, it’s a less popular option and may not be available on some Kenyan crypto bookmakers.

Tether (USDT)

Some Kenyan bettors skip using cryptocurrency due to the volatility. However, you can always use Tether, a stablecoin whose value doesn’t fluctuate. USDT has a price fixed to the USD, so it’ll be exchanged at the exact KES:USD rate at any given time. The stability is the primary advantage, and you only won’t find Tether appealing if you appreciate the volatility of crypto coins.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance is a popular crypto exchange in Kenya. If you own an account, you can easily use the native coin option, BNB, for your transactions. Notably, you can directly exchange your KES for BNB on Binance using popular options like MPesa. However, BNB isn’t as widespread as BTC or ETH. As a result, some bookmakers won’t support it.

Top Bookmakers with Easiest Payment Methods

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Factors to Consider when choosing a payment method for online sports betting in Kenya

From the many payment options for online sports betting in Kenya, which should you choose? Well, to make the choice, you have to consider some essential factors. Check them out below:

  1. Security and safety

    Above everything else, you must confirm that the payment method is safe and secure. That is, you’re not at risk of losing your hard-earned money by using it. Unsecured payment channels can expose your financial details to third parties that can use them for malicious purposes.

    A secure payment option will have staunch encryption methods that focus on safeguarding user details. Note that this factor is related to the Kenya bookmaker. By default, secure betting sites will also employ safe deposit and withdrawal methods for their bettors. That’s why we recommend using sites with reliable payment methods for betting in Kenya from our featured list.

  2. Speed of transactions

    Here, the focus is on how fast or slow the payment method takes to complete payments. Generally, options like mobile money, eWallets, and crypto are fast for all transactions. Bank cards are quick for deposits but may delay when it comes to withdrawals. With bank transfers, you’ll experience delays for both deposits and payouts.

    Now, the ideal speed will depend on your betting strategy. For instance, if you’re placing a pre-match bet, you can make do with payment methods that take minutes to hours to complete. However, for live betting, you need an option that provides your money instantly — within seconds.

  3. Accessibility and convenience

    How do you access the payment method for sports betting in Kenya? That’s an important question to ask. Each payment option has varying levels in terms of convenience. For instance, if you’re not with your mobile phone, you can’t use mobile money. Meanwhile, you can access eWallets with your PC or phone alike. The same can be said for crypto.

    Beyond how you access it, simplicity also affects convenience. Without question, it’ll be a lot simpler using mobile money compared to any other. For comparison, consider using cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH. That will typically require you to learn about blockchain and wallets. You should consider all these before choosing your ideal option.

  4. Fees and charges

    Charges affect how much you keep from your payments. For deposits, fees imply you retain less money for betting on sports. Meanwhile, if the payment option charges for withdrawals, you get to sacrifice some of your winnings. As a result, it’s always better when the fees are smaller.

    There are many payment methods for online sports betting in Kenya that charge zero fees. You can consider using them if you want to keep 100% of your money. Note that the charges for different payment methods may have more to do with the betting site than the service provider. So, check the bookmaker T&Cs to know what fees apply for what payment methods.

  5. Bonuses and promotions

    Here’s another factor that particularly involves the Kenyan bookmaker you use. Gambling sites sometimes limit promotional offers to certain payment methods. For instance, the betting site may state that deposits made using Skrill and Neteller may not qualify for the welcome bonus. If that’s the case, you must use a different option if you’re interested in claiming the welcome offer.

    Besides welcome bonuses, bookmakers can randomly issue payment-method-specific promotions. So, always check the T&Cs for the rewards you want to claim. The information will give you insights into the option to choose when making your deposit.

  6. Supported currencies

    Finally, it’s necessary to check the currencies the payment methods support. Primarily, you should confirm that it accepts KES. That won’t be a challenge if it’s a local payment option like MPesa or Airtel Money. Perhaps you may want to use foreign currencies like USD or EUR. If that’s the case, also check if the bookmaker supports it.

Additional Resources for Payment Methods

In this guide, we’ve provided reliable details that can help with choosing the best payment methods for betting in Kenya. You can rely on the information to make the right choice. At the same time, you should also check additional resources about the payment options. We advise checking the official payment method sites from time to time to know the latest T&Cs on transactions. That’ll ensure you’re always updated with how the payment service works.


Using secure payment methods for online sports betting in Kenya is crucial. It’ll ensure your money and financial details aren’t compromised. The options available mainly include mobile money, eWallets, and cryptocurrency. Pick any that works best for you by weighing the upsides and downsides.

However, note that the betting site you use is also crucial. We advise using only online sports betting sites with safe and easy payment methods, which you can find on our featured lists.