No Goal Betting at Kenyan Betting Sites

The no-goal betting market, widely popular among football enthusiasts globally and particularly in Kenya, features prominently on leading Kenyan betting platforms. You’re in luck if you’re new to sports betting and curious about how no-goal football betting operates. We’ve compiled this guide to explain the process and help you understand it better. 

As you read on, you’ll learn what no goal betting in Kenya 2024 entails and all the information you need to get started. We’ve also made it easy for you to find the best Kenyan bookmakers for no goal betting through our list of top betting sites.

Definition and Purpose of No Goal Betting

No goal betting involves wagering that no team will put the ball into the net in a football match. You can place this bet in several ways, such as the game ending in a flat 0-0, a particular team not scoring, or a goalless first half. Betting in this market can be difficult since the aim of soccer for all teams is to put the ball into the net. Even the strongest defenses can sometimes let in an unexpected goal. Nevertheless, the high risk means better odds, which indicates you’ll get more valuable payouts if your predictions are correct.

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Basics of ‘No Goal Betting’

When it comes to no goal betting, the basics are straightforward to understand. Typically, this betting market comprises three main types, including;

No Goals in the First Half

This betting type predicts that no team will score in the first 45 minutes of gameplay. You’ll win when you hear the half-time whistle, and the score is still at 0-0. On the other hand, your bet loses if at least one goal is scored.

No Goals in the Entire Match

For this football betting type, the prediction is that the game will end 0-0. So, after the 90th-minute whistle, there should be no team with a goal. Typically, you’ll find high odds with this type since not many football matches end with a scoreboard of digits under 1.

No Goals by a Specific Team

This bet concentrates on one team’s inability to secure a goal throughout the match. For example, in a football match between Gor Mahia and Nzoia Sugar, you may bet on Nzoia Sugar to not score a goal. So, if the team manages to put the ball in the back of the net, you lose.

Factors Influencing No Goal Betting

Different factors influence whether a match will end up with no goals scored. Therefore, you need to analyze carefully to understand the matches that can offer a good value for a no goal bet. Among these factors include:

  1. Team Defensive Records

    As a football betting enthusiast, you can attest that some teams are better at maintaining clean sheets. For this reason, defensive records from recent matches significantly influence whether a game will end with goals. Suppose two strong and defensively-minded teams play each other. In such a case, the likelihood of a successful no goal bet is high. 

  2. Goalkeeper Performance

    A goalkeeper who is in good form can keep opponents off the score sheet. So, goalkeeper performance also has an impact on no goal betting. Some goalkeepers maintain clean sheets for a series of matches, with impressive saves to prevent goals.

  3. Head-to-Head Statistics

    Historical results can explain how two teams perform when they face each other. Some teams typically produce few to no goals when they meet on the field, while others see more goals. Interestingly, most Kenyan bookmakers feature these head-to-head stats for top matches.

  4. Injuries and Suspensions

    Missing key attacking players reduces the team’s goal-scoring threat. For instance, if an influential striker, winger, or playmaker is absent, there’s a higher probability of a no goal result. Also, a lack of starting defenders or defensive midfielders can weaken a team’s ability to prevent the opponent from scoring.

Strategies For No Goal Betting

When betting on no goals with Kenya bookmakers, there are several strategies you can employ to increase your chances of winning. Check them out below:

Analyzing Team

Assessing the team’s defense is crucial in no goal betting. You’ll want to evaluate the defensive tactics, formations, and the player’s strengths and weaknesses to make wise decisions. Look at their performance against their opponent to gauge defensive strength. You can make proper goalless game predictions if you identify the teams with consistent defensive prowess.

Studying Goalkeeper

Goalkeeper performance significantly influences the match outcome and whether no goal betting is ideal. For that reason, check stats on saves, clean sheets, and other goalkeeping metrics. You’ll consider betting no goal market if a particular goalkeeper shows a consistent and skilled record because it often leads to fewer to no goals.

Reviewing Historical Match Data

Here, the target is to analyze past games and see if there are low-scoring trends among specific teams. If you find that in most matchups, both teams struggled to find the net, it means you may consider a no goal option. It’s true that recent form can outweigh history, but trends are still worth nothing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of No Goal Betting

No goal betting certainly has its pros and cons, and we’ve identified the key ones below:


Higher Odds

Since no goals are less likely, the odds are usually much more attractive.

This means bigger payouts if you win.

Easy to analyze

If you do your analysis and research well, it may be simple to determine if a match will end up 0-0 or if a certain team won’t score. Analyze the teams’ defense, mid-field, and goalkeeping capabilities, and you’re good to go.

Alternative betting market

Kenyan bettors who want to explore unique markets beyond conventional win-draw-win bets will appreciate no goal betting at Kenya bookmaker sites.


Fewer betting options

No goal bets offer limited options compared to the traditional match results or correct score bets. You only get a few choices: no goals in the first half, no goals in the full-time, or no goals for a particular team.

Limited information

Sometimes, the available data for analysis might not be enough to assess a team’s defensive capability accurately. This can make it challenging to bet on this market.

Less probable for most matches

The majority of football matches end with at least a goal.

Hence, the probability of a no goal result is always low.

As evident, no goal betting has pros and cons you need to weigh before placing your bet.

No Goal Betting Tips

Without question, making a successful no goal bet is more challenging than many other sports betting markets. Nevertheless, you can increase your chances of making profits on Kenya betting sites with the correct information. In that view, here are some top tips when betting on no goals.

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Before you place no goal bet with football betting bonuses or real money, you need to understand the current defensive and attractive form of the competing teams. You’ll want to analyze their results from the recent meet-up. Particularly, you should check if they have a consistency of 0-0 or only record a few goals when they meet. Also, review the injury lists and note if key players are present. You can enhance your knowledge by following news in the build-up to any football match.

Consider Experts Predictions

Some bettors in Kenya who win no goal bets rely on the experience and knowledge of experts. That’s because it can be difficult to figure out the best strategy for this market if you don’t have prior experience. Meanwhile, expert analysts already have the know-how. Therefore, look for professional tipsters and consider their predictions.

Take Advantage of the Live Betting

Live betting is a significant tip for no goal betting, as it allows you to place a wager while the game is ongoing. So, you can adjust your bet based on the unfolding events. For instance, if you notice a team fails to record a shot in the first half, you can bank on a no goal bet in the second half. The odds usually reduce as time progresses, but live betting is much safer than pre-match for the no goal market.

Maintain a Record

Keeping a no goal betting record helps you win even more regularly. Basically, you’re tracking your analysis, predictions, and subsequent results — wins or losses. Having a record will help you determine if you’re on the right path regarding how you approach no goal betting at Kenyan betting sites. It’s wise to stick to your strategy if you’re making profits. If not, change the plan to avoid further losses.

Compare Different Bookmakers

Kenyan betting sites offer different odds in the no goal market. So, you can try visiting different sites and compare the odds. In some cases, the bookmakers offer exciting promotions such as free bets for their new and existing customers, which you can use to place bets on sports. These can also prove valuable for no goal betting. To make things easier, opt for the bookmakers recommended on our top list.

Make Objective Decisions

You can be in control of your betting by evaluating the merits of each no goal bet. Making decisions when you’re emotional could hinder your judgment, which may lead to losses. It’s best to avoid sentimental wagers and perform proper research and analysis.

Responsible Betting is Important

Responsible betting is always encouraged in all Kenyan betting sites and for good reasons. It primarily involves making informed decisions and controlling your gambling endeavors. Some of the no goal betting tips for responsible gambling include:

Bet what you can afford to lose: You need to set a budget and stick to it. If you bet no goal market and lose, give yourself a break and avoid chasing the losses by betting more than you usually would.

Seek help if needed: If you feel you’re losing control of your betting behavior, consider calling expert assistance. This involves betting in general and not just on the no goal market. Thankfully, there are responsible gaming organizations in Kenya that offer guidance and resources to help you bet responsibly.

Perform proper research: Before placing your bet, it’s advisable to research the game well. Don’t just choose any team for no goal market, as that won’t work. Understand if the team has a strong defense, know the recent form of the goalkeeper, and consider analyzing the head-to-head match.

Use self-exclusion tools: In Kenya, most top bookmakers for no goal betting have a self-exclusion tool. It’s a feature that allows you to restrict access to your account for a certain period. So, if your no goal betting strategy isn’t working, you can consider using this tool and take a break for some days, weeks, or months.

Wrapping Up

Many bettors in Kenya opt for no goal betting markets due to their high odds. However, having higher odds implies a low probability of winning the bets. The good thing is that you can improve the likelihood via proper research using analytics and metrics available on Kenyan betting sites. 

As explained, you should look for factors shaping this market, like team defenses, goalkeeper form, historical trends, and injuries. These will empower you to make the right decision. Still, note that success hinges on responsible betting practices. Employing responsible gambling practices will foster an enjoyable and sustainable gambling experience within the no goal market.

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