Horse Racing Betting in Kenya

Horse racing is among the world’s oldest sports, and betting on the outcome of these races has long been a favorite pastime of Kenyan bettors. Many betting platforms offer markets and odds on different horse racing events in Kenya and internationally to cater to bettors’ needs. Some even allow you to stream the live actions of these races right from your mobile device, as long as you’re registered with them. Read on as we explore the necessary details about horse racing betting in Kenya.

What is Horse Racing Betting?

As the name implies, horse racing is a sport that involves horses, usually led by jockeys, competing over a predetermined distance to determine the fastest among them. This sport comes in various forms, each with distinct rules, track surfaces, obstacles, gaits, and considerations like age, weight, and horse breed.

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Regarding horse racing betting, it involves predicting the order in which horses will finish in a race, whether first, second, third, or another position. You can select one or more horses, stake your desired amount, and choose from various bet types like win, place, exacta, trifecta, and more. The rules, odds, and payouts for each type of bet usually vary based on the race’s difficulty and the number of horses involved.

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Horse Racing Bet Types

There are many types of online horse racing betting types available. Here are some of the most popular ones:


This is the simplest and most common horse race wager. Here, you’re betting on your chosen horse to come out on top. You’ll only win this wager if the horse you backed wins. Other than that, your bet is lost.


In a Quinella, you pick the horses to finish 1st and 2nd in any order. It differs from Exactas, where you must correctly predict the 1st and 2nd horses in the exact order.


In a show bet, you pick a horse to finish in the top three positions in a race. Payouts remain consistent, regardless of whether the horse finishes first, second, or third. It offers a higher winning chance with reduced payouts.


A “place” bet in horse racing means you’re wagering on your chosen horse to finish first or second. If your horse achieves either of these positions, your bet is a winning one. Although “place” bets often have lower odds and payouts than win bets, they give a higher possibility of winning.


A trifecta is similar to an exacta bet, only that it requires correctly predicting the sequence of three horses rather than just two. You can also go for the trifecta box bet that covers all potential combinations without choosing the specific finish positions of the three horses.


This online horse racing betting type is similar to a trifecta or exacta, except you must choose the precise sequence for the race’s top four finishers. Superfecta bets aren’t as common as exactas or trifectas, but some gamblers love them for their high-reward potential. They usually have enormous odds since, well, selecting four horses to finish in the exact sequence is practically difficult.


An exacta bet entails correctly predicting the sequence in which two horses will finish first and second. It’s not easy to win, but the odds are high, and a little stake can pay off big. Another option is to do an “exacta box” wager. Here, you can select two horses without precisely predicting which will finish first and second. Since this wager accounts for every possible finishing order combination, it raises your odds of winning.

Daily Double

Many horse racing fans like placing daily double bets, in which you try to guess the winners of two straight races. Usually, the first two races of the day or two particular events on the race card are used for this, and you have to pick the winning horse in each of them. The cumulative odds for each horse selection are multiplied to determine your payout.

Pick 3 & 4

The Pick 3 and Pick 4 are popular multi-race bets where you aim to predict the winners of three or four consecutive races accurately. Winning this bet might be challenging and costly, but if you hit it big with the horses, the winnings are substantial. Despite the difficulty, they provide an opportunity to engage with horses at significant odds.

Pick 5 & 6

You may also place massively lucrative Pick 5 and Pick 6 bets at most Kenya horse racing betting sites. Wins from this betting type are usually rare, and the payments are life-changing. You’d often see fortunate gamblers walk away with hundreds of thousands of dollars from winning tickets.

Many Kenyans enjoy horse racing, and the country hosts some spectacular races yearly. Some of the popular ones include:

Kenya Derby

This is the biggest horse racing event of the year in Kenya. It takes place annually at the Ngong Racecourse Center and attracts local and foreign fans.

Ngong Racecourse Events

The Ngong Racecourse is the major racing venue in Kenya. Up to twenty-five horse racing events occur at this venue throughout the year. Most of these events see many Kenyans troop out to enjoy the races and place bets.

How to Bet on Horse Racing in Kenya

You can easily place horse racing bets in Kenya. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find a reputable Kenyan betting site

    First, you have to locate a betting site that accepts horse racing betting in Kenya. You’ll find many platforms, but it’s essential that you choose a reliable and licensed one. Also, research and discover sites with the best odds, bonuses, and excellent customer service.

  2. Create an account

    Once you’ve identified the best platform for your horse racing bets, the next step is to create an account with them. Usually, you’ll be required to provide personal details, including your name, email, and phone number. You may also need to verify your account with a valid ID.

  3. Make deposits

    Fund your account using the payment methods your betting site accepts. The deposit methods available in various betting sites usually vary. So, ensure you use the accepted options provided by the site you’re using. Some common methods include PayPal, bank transfers, credit cards, and more.

  4. Find your preferred horse racing events

    Most Kenyan betting sites usually have a dedicated section for horse racing events. Visit the section and browse the upcoming races to choose the ones that appeal to you.

  5. Place your bets

    It’s time to bet on the horses you think will win or place in the race. You can choose from bets we’ve already discussed, including win, place, or trifecta. If your bets are successful, you can withdraw your winnings to your bank account through the provided withdrawal means.

Tips & Strategies for Horse Racing Betting in Kenya

If you want to improve your chances of winning at Kenya horse racing betting, considering a few tips can help. Here are some of them:


Value Betting

In essence, value betting is like finding a good deal. If you can figure out horses that have a better chance of winning than what the bookmakers are saying, you might get higher payouts. It’s about comparing your predictions with the odds given by bookmakers and placing smart bets on horses that seem undervalued.

Thorough Analysis

Checking a horse’s recent races and how it did in the past helps you understand if it will do well in the current race. Consider recent results, how it handles different track conditions, and the race distance that suits it. Also, pay attention to any consistent patterns or trends in its past performances to help you know the horse’s abilities.

Shop Around

When betting on horses, it’s wise to check and compare the odds from various bookmakers. Your long-term return potential is greatly affected by selecting the best odds, which can vary slightly across bookies.


The betting technique dutching involves putting money on more than one horse in a race. You divide your money among these horses based on how likely you think they will win. This way, you’re sure of winning regardless of the horse that wins. Dutching is a good betting strategy, even though the potential payout might not be as big as a single bet on one horse.

Follow In-Form Trainers

The importance of trainers for horse’s performance cannot be overstated. It could be beneficial to keep tabs on trainers who are performing well. Try to find one who has been successful before, has won recently, and has a history of reliable results. If their horses are entered in races, it could mean they have a better chance of winning and open doors for strategic betting.

Challenges and Risks in Horse Racing Betting in Kenya

Although betting on horse races is a common pastime in Kenya, it has risks and challenges. Here are some of them:


Some people may become addicted to the thrills that come with horse racing betting. This could cause you to lose control over your habits and start spending too much time and money gambling. One thing about this habit is that it can affect your financial, physical, and mental health.

Unreliable Betting Sites

The Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) licenses and regulates the betting industry in Kenya. But not all betting websites have licenses from the regulating body, and some may engage in illegal and harmful practices. If you use these untrustworthy sites, you could lose your money or personal information.


In Kenya, many local and international companies compete fiercely in the betting industry. So, it can be tricky to pick the right betting site because you have to look at different features, bonuses, and reviews to find what suits you best.


Like any other form of gambling, horse racing betting involves uncertainty and risk. Things like form, fitness, weather, track conditions, and even luck can determine the outcome of a race. Always bear in mind that you won’t always win your bets.


Horse racing has become one of the major attractions for many sports bettors in Kenya. It offers several betting markets like win, place, show, exacta, and more that can allow you to win substantially from the races.

Moreover, it’s one of the best pastimes to enjoy and have fun with family and friends. You can leverage our shared tips and strategies to help improve your chances of winning from horse racing betting.

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