Football Betting in Kenya

No other sports come close to football in terms of popularity. It’s the number one sport in the world and also in Kenya. So, it’s no surprise that football matches interest Kenyan bettors the most.

If you’re interested in football betting in Kenya, we’ve prepared this guide to make things easy. You can quickly check the top betting sites listed on the right and pick a quality bookmaker to use. As you read on, we’ll explain more about football betting and its features. With our guide, your football betting experience in Kenya will be seamless.

Africa Cup of Nations 2023 (AFCON)

AFCON 2023

The Africa Cup of Nations’ most recent edition has already started! One of the most exciting international competitions is AFCON. It has resulted in several explosions and the creation of new stars over the years. Premier League players are participating in one of the most competitive tournaments to date this January, including Mohamed Salah, Andre Onana, Thomas Partey, Nicolas Jackson, Mohamed Kudus, and many others. Visit our Africa Cup of Nations guide to get the greatest betting advice, along with the most recent odds and much-needed information to help you win the competition!

What is Football Betting?

When you bet on football, you simply wager on any of the many outcomes that can happen in the game. It’s that simple. For instance, if you believe AFC Leopards will win Nairobi City Stars, you place your money on AFC Leopards. The interesting fact about football betting is that there are thousands of possible outcomes you can bet on besides who’ll win the match. 

To bet on football matches in Kenya, you’ll need to use a betting provider. Some Kenyan football fans visit betting shops to submit their stakes. However, it’s a lot easier and more convenient when you gamble online.

All you have to do is visit a bookmaker’s website, find matches you want to bet, and click on the market odds. Nevertheless, it’s only that seamless when you use trusted Kenya football betting sites. Thankfully, our operators have evaluated the many options available and selected the best bookmakers you can use. 

Best Football Betting Sites in Kenya

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Football Betting Terminology

Before using football betting sites in Kenya, you should first understand some important terminology. You’ll see most of them on bookmaker sites, and if you don’t know what they mean, you could place the wrong bets. Here are some of the key ones to note:


Also known as ACCA, this is a bet type where you select multiple matches in your slip. Every game needs to win for you to receive a payout.


Your bankroll refers to the money in your betting account. Kenyan bookmakers will deduct from your bankroll whenever you submit bets.

Match Result

This is the most popular football betting market, as you simply pick a team to win or go for a draw. Consider a game between Gor Mahia Football and Sofapaka. To bet on the match result, you either back Gor Mahia Football or Sofapaka to emerge victorious.

Correct Score

Here’s another betting market that involves the match result. However, with Correct Score, you’re predicting the exact score of the game. For instance, you can bet that the full-time score will be 2:0, 3:1, or any other score.


In the Totals market, you bet whether the score of an outcome will be over or under a certain number. It can be goals, corners, cards, fouls, throw-ins — and many other countable results.

More terminology exists for football betting. However, if you understand the above, you’re equipped to start as a beginner.

There are many top leagues and competitions for players to bet on at Kenya football betting sites. These events span both local and international tournaments. Let’s discuss some of the top ones:

Kenyan Premier League

If you’re a fan of local football, you can’t skip the Kenyan Premier League. This is where top teams like AFC Leopards, Tusker Football, Gor Mahia Football, and Sofapaka compete all season. You’ll find the matches on almost every football betting site in Kenya. When betting on the premier league, it’s ideal to closely follow local news. Also, find out what fans say, as public perception can significantly influence predictions. 

International Leagues and Tournaments 

Besides betting on Kenyan premier league games, bookmakers also allow you to access matches in international leagues and tournaments. Mainly, the focus is on Europe, where the best players compete. You can check out the biggest leagues below:  

English Premier League


The EPL stands as the number one football league in the world in terms of competition. So, it’s unsurprising that many Kenyan football fans follow English teams. When you bet on the EPL, you get to back teams like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham, to name a few.

La Liga


After the EPL, La Liga comes second in Europe. It’s the Spanish league, boasting widely renowned teams like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. La Liga may not have heightened competition like the English Premier League. However, many Kenyan football lovers follow the teams because they usually have the best players. Superstars like Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Neymar Jr, Sergio Ramos, and Andres Iniesta played in the league during the top years of their careers.

Serie A


The Italian Serie A introduces more physical gameplay, which appeals to some Kenyan bettors. The teams here include the likes of AC Milan, Inter Milan, FC Roma, Napoli, and Juventus. Notably, the Serie A ranks among the top five leagues in Europe, so it’s available on all football betting sites in Kenya.

UEFA Champions League


Here’s the most prestigious competition in terms of club football. The UEFA Champions League is so renowned that its popularity even overshadows that of the FIFA Club World Cup by a mile. In the competition, the best teams across multiple European leagues play against each other. For instance, it can feature Arsenal from the EPL playing against Real Madrid from La Liga. The teams first compete through the group stage, then the knockouts, and finally the finals. In the end, the team that lifts the trophy is considered the best club team in the world.

UEFA Europa League


The Europa League is UEFA’s second major tournament, just below the Champions League. It also involves top teams across Europe, but these are usually groups that failed to finish top four in their respective leagues. When betting on the Europa League, you also get matches in the group stage, knock-out, and finals. However, one notable difference is in the knockout stage, as the league has a round of 32 before the round of 16. As a result, you’ll have more matches and odds to select from on Kenya football betting sites.

Here are tips when betting on international leagues and tournaments: 

  • Know that the players are professionals, and the best ones always impact the game.
  • Also, the chances are always high for a stronger team to beat a weaker one.

What Makes A Football Betting Site Good?

Our experts have carefully evaluated and selected the best betting sites for football in Kenya that you can use. You may want to ask, what makes them good? Well, here are the factors that count the most:

Extensive coverage: The best football betting sites cover many tournaments and leagues. As mentioned, these include local ones like the Kenyan Premier League and international competitions like those in Europe (such as EUFA EURO).

Live football betting: This option on top bookmaker sites lets you bet while the game is ongoing. So, if you miss our before kickoff, you can still back your favorite football teams and players.

User Interface and Experience (UI/UX): It’s important that the best football betting sites have friendly UI/UX. That’ll ensure you can place bets quickly and without issues.

Deposits and Withdrawals: We recommend Kenyan bookmakers that have fast payment methods. They’re good to use because you can fund your account and start betting instantly. Likewise, when you win bets, requesting payouts will be straightforward.

Football Betting Odds: Odds signify the potential winnings you can get from your bet. As a result, football betting sites in Kenya with fair and competitive odds are always best.

Statistics: Research is crucial for making informed bets. For this reason, a good bookmaker will allow bettors access to statistics and metrics to understand teams and players’ past performances.

Tips & Tricks & Strategies for Football Betting in Kenya

As a bettor, you should know that winning depends on luck. There’s a saying that goes, “This is football; anything can happen.” However, you don’t have to bank on luck alone. With the right strategies, you can improve your chances of winning on Kenya football betting sites. In that regard, here are some tips to leverage:

Conduct thorough research and analysis before placing any bet. Even a simple action like checking previous scores can be helpful.

Follow news and updates to understand team form, player injuries, and other influencing factors.

Compare odds against multiple Kenya football betting platforms to identify which has more value. 

Check out live betting odds for popular football games, and explore opportunities you can take advantage of.

Claim bonuses and promotions from bookmakers with reasonable T&Cs. That’ll boost your bankroll and give you more betting chances.

Be responsible and manage your emotions to avoid impulsive decisions

Challenges and Risks in Football Betting in Kenya

Football betting is exciting and potentially rewarding with detailed research and strategy. At the same time, however, there are some challenges and risks. It’s important you note them so you can make better decisions. We’ve highlighted the top ones below:

Emotional Betting

If you’re a big football fan, you’ll likely have a team you support. Hence, when using football betting sites in Kenya, it can be difficult to separate your emotions if your team is playing. You might follow bias and back the players you support, even when their chances of winning are low.

Match Fixing

This has been a consistent issue in Kenyan football, which authorities continue to fight. Many matches are manipulated with scores fixed even before kickoff. Hence, it’s challenging to bet and win on such events, as they don’t follow stats or current form.

Changing Laws

Gambling is a regulated activity in Kenya. As a result, the laws can change at any time. The challenge as a bettor is to stay updated with all recent happenings. Missing an update can negatively affect your betting experience.

How to Bet on Football in Kenya

Before we wrap up this guide on football betting in Kenya, let’s find out how exactly you can wager on bookmaker websites. We’ve outlined the steps in detail below:

  1. Choose a Bookmaker

    Check our featured list of the best football betting sites in Kenya and make your pick. That’ll save you time, and you can rest assured that the sites are of good quality.

  2. Register your betting account

    Visit your chosen bookmaker and create your account. You’ll usually need to verify your email or phone number afterward.

  3. Make your first deposit

    With your account set, visit the cashier section and fund your wallet. Ensure you only deposit a reasonable amount that won’t affect your finances.

  4. Choose your preferred betting option and market

    Now, browse through the featured games and make your pick. When you find an event and market to bet on, simply click the odds to add it to your bet slip.

  5. Set your wager

    If you’re done picking your matches, enter the amount you want to bet on your slip and submit.

  6. Withdraw your winnings

    Follow the matches and check the results. If you win, request a withdrawal from the Kenyan football betting site.

The Kenya government regulates football betting just as other sports gambling activities. Particularly, the Kenya Betting Control and Licensing Board is in charge of approving bookmakers. In other words, no football betting site in Kenya can operate without a BCLB license. As a bettor, you should use only licensed betting sites to avoid legal issues.


With our detailed guide, you should find football betting in Kenya easy to navigate. The most important thing is that you use a trusted bookmaker. That’s why our experts have taken the time to review and list out the best platforms you can sign up with.

While betting, you can employ the tips and strategies discussed to potentially increase your winning chances. At the same time, keep the challenges and risks in mind to ensure you’re always safe. The goal is to have a positive experience on Kenya football betting platforms.

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