Crypto Payment Method In Kenya Betting

Crypto payment methods in Kenya have transformed the gambling industry thanks to their anonymity and speed. If you want to upgrade your payment methods using your favorite sportsbook, using digital coins is the best way. However, you might find it complex if you’re new to the crypto world. For that reason, we’ve compiled this extensive guide for you to understand everything about crypto payment methods in Kenyan betting sites. Read on to get all the details.

Introduction To The Use Of Cryptocurrencies In The Betting Industry

The use of cryptocurrencies in the betting industry dates back to 2013 when many sportsbooks started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. With time, alternative digital coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash became popular, making many sportsbooks expand their crypto payment methods. The primary reason behind integrating these cryptos into the betting world was to address the traditional payment method issues. These include slow processing time, financial security, and high transaction fees.

List Of Bookmakers Accepting Cryptocurrencies In Kenya

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Crypto payments in Kenya are used in some sportsbooks due to the huge growth in cryptocurrency usage. Major cryptos available include:



Bitcoin is one of the most popular and successful digital assets. It was embraced in Kenya in July 2013, a project that started by connecting Bitcoin with Mpesa. Since then, over 6 million Kenyans now own cryptocurrencies and use them as a hedge against rising inflation. In addition to that, some betting sites in Kenya accept Bitcoin for both deposits and withdrawals, which helps bettors experience the thrill of fast and low-fee global transactions.


Litecoin is another rising cryptocurrency that fosters peer-to-peer global payment. It is a fully decentralized and open-source global network with awesome liquidity and trading volume. The coin was created way back in 2011 by Charlie Lee using Bitcoin’s core code. It focuses on leveraging blockchain technology with fast, cost-effective, and secure payment methods. Through these features, some Kenyan betting sites have embraced it as a payment method, ensuring that players get the best payment services ever.


Launched in 2013, Dogecoin is considered an altcoin and among the most heavily centralized cryptocurrencies in terms of distribution. Since day one, Doge has been perceived as a crypto joke that was developed for fun. Over the years, the community using Dogecoin has gradually increased and the market gap has also expanded. Due to its safety, reliability, and low network charges, many sports betting platforms like football betting, now offer it as one of the crypto payment methods.


This is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and goes beyond just a digital currency. It’s a decentralized platform that allows the development dApps and smart contracts. Since its launch in 2015, it has been serving as a digital store of value, allowing developers, industries, and different platforms to use it for good reasons. For example, some sportsbooks in Kenya use Ethereum due to its transparency, which is an essential component for building trust among bettors. Ethereum transactions are typically fast and demand lower fees compared to other payment methods. Lastly, Ethereum wallets foster security and privacy, and this helps minimize cases of hacks or authorized access.


Dash is a popular cryptocurrency that began operations as Darkcoin and XCoin. It was launched in 2014 and works the same way as Bitcoin by employing computer algorithms to verify the transactions on the blockchain. The coin is also a decentralized digital currency which means no central law is controlling it. Despite being similar to other cryptocurrencies, it comes with added features such as master nodes that foster faster transactions. Other features that set it apart are PrivateSend, which deals with privacy, and InstantSend, which allows you to make instant transactions. Although Dashcoin isn’t as popular as other cryptocurrencies, you’re most likely going to find it as one of the crypto payment methods in Kenyan gambling sportsbooks, especially at basketball betting.

Benefits Of Crypto Payments In Kenya Betting Sites

Crypto payment offers several benefits, including:

Increased Flexibility

Crypto payment methods help increase flexibility in how you bet. The betting sites in Kenya offering crypto payment methods means more bettors will have an increased chance of flexible gaming. These bettors can try a wide range of different games, such as sports, esports, and other real-time sports, using the method they like. It also means you have the ability to play anywhere around the globe. For instance, if you travel abroad and want to use the account to place your bets, you’ll find that services like M-Pesa and Airtel money will be unavailable. Therefore, the only sure option for deposits and withdrawals is via the crypto payment method.

Increased Confidentiality And Privacy

With the rise of cyber crimes nowadays, many people in Kenya prefer to keep their private details and gambling behaviors secret. There are some sportsbooks that demand you to share financial and personal data before you can start gambling. This causes anxiety about where this information is stored. Thanks to the standard payment method offered by cryptocurrencies. For almost all gaming and wagering, you are only required to submit your Bitcoin wallet and a few login details. This means if a breach of information occurs, your financial credentials will remain unknown.

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Improved Processing Time

You understand how discouraging it is to use credit/debit cards and wait for days to have money in your betting account. It’s also tiresome to wait for your winnings to reflect in your bank account, especially if you need emergency money. Thankfully, alternative sports betting payment methods like Mpesa, Airtel Money, and cryptocurrencies are extremely rapid. This means you’ll have the transaction completed in just a few seconds, minutes, or within two hours.

Reduced Fees And Charges

Traditional payment methods such as credit/debit cards, Mpesa, and Airtel Money are the most common depositing or withdrawing methods. These methods often come with huge charges that may be expensive to bettors. Thankfully, crypto payments in Kenya allow you to make deposits or withdraw your winnings with minimal charges.

How To Get Started With Crypto Payments In Kenya

To take advantage of crypto’s benefits, you’ll need to do the following:

Get a crypto wallet: Before you get started with Kenya’s crypto betting sites, create a wallet to store your coins. An ideal wallet lets you handle your private keys, a crucial aspect if you need to move funds from the sportsbook. Ensure your information is well-protected and activate a two-step verification on your wallet. It’s wise to write down your wallet password and keep it in a safe place, as you’ll use it as a ticket back into your crypto wallet account.

Buy coins and transfer to your wallet: Now, the next step is purchasing cryptocurrency on your preferred exchange, including Coinbase, Binance, or Trust Wallet. After loading your wallet, you’re ready to make a deposit into your Crypto Kenya sportsbook.

Deposit and withdrawal: To deposit, you’ll simply choose the crypto option available on the cashier page of your sportsbook. You’ll receive a wallet address where you’ll transfer your funds. Just confirm the address before sending it. Regarding withdrawal, the process is the same- you share the address from your personal wallet and confirm the funds.

Comparing Cryptocurrency Options In Kenya

Let’s have a comparison of cryptocurrency options for Kenyan bettors:

Feature Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)Litecoin (LTC)
AcceptanceWidely acceptedIncreasing acceptanceLess popular, unlike BTC and ETH
Decentralization Decentralized DecentralizedDecentralized
Smart contractsFoster direct transactionEnable advanced bettingUsed for transaction
Transaction speedModerate FastFast

Security Measures For Crypto Users

The first step towards fostering security measures for crypto coins is understanding the need for a crypto environment. Here is important information you must know:

  1. Buy A Hardware Wallet

    The right technology demands an ideal responsibility, and becoming your own bank needs certain security measures. If you leave your coins in the exchange platforms, it means they have full ownership and can control when to move or withdraw money. In case your exchange account is hacked, you’ll have lost your funds. One of the best ways to solve this issue is investing in a hardware wallet. This is a fully decentralized wallet that enables you to keep your crypto outside of the online platform, giving you another security layer. It is actually ideal for long-term assets or holdings you don’t plan to move often.

  2. Consider A Password Manager

    If you’re not a frequent visitor to your crypto exchange and wallet, you might forget your password. That’s why you need a password manager that helps store more than just passwords or change your password easily. With a password manager, you won’t need to memorize it all.

  3. Software And Firmware Updates

    You can maintain the security of your crypto wallets and exchanges by updating the software, firmware, or other security tools that address the vulnerability. You should know that hackers can exploit outdated software, and staying up-to-date minimizes this risk.

  4. Use Reputable Exchanges

    When using cryptocurrencies, considering a reputable exchange platform is crucial. You should work with a platform that adheres to the regulatory standards. Ensure they have a strong reputation for reliability and security. Before trusting them with your funds, you can review their security measures and user experience. Also, remember to stay away from platforms with unusually low fees, as you may be dealing with scammers.

  5. Do Your Research

    Whether you’re new or experienced in the crypto world, doing your research and looking for security tools to help you in the journey is paramount. Several blogs online teach people about the reasons security is important, the dangers of crypto, and strategies to remain safe. So before you start or continue with crypto payments in Kenyan betting sites, be sure to find out more about the risks and how to stay away from them.

Additional Resources For Crypto Currency: Key Features

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When considering cryptocurrency online betting Kenya, you’ll need to start the journey by considering the right sportsbook. Here are a few must-haves:

  • Accepts major cryptocurrencies: Choose a sportsbook that allows Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The more options they offer, the better.
  • Fast payouts: One amazing thing about crypto is how fast they are when it comes to depositing or withdrawing funds. Ensure the sportsbook offers fast crypto withdrawals by checking reviews of what other gamblers are saying regarding payout processing time. 
  • Bonuses for crypto: Some platforms offer special awards or bonuses for gamblers who deposit and bet using cryptocurrency. Explore the platform and find out if they promote these offers and take advantage of them. 
  • Responsible gambling: Although you can deposit as often as you like using crypto, you should avoid sites that lack responsible gambling features. Legitimate sportsbooks always have this feature to prevent problem gambling regardless of the payment method.
  • Good rating: While you might consider all crypto betting sites to be the identity, they’re not the same and will not give you a similar experience. So, when looking for a platform that accepts crypto, always read reviews and note the negative feedback from the users.


In summary, crypto payment methods can be a reliable, safe, and smart way for Kenyans looking to experience faster processing time. Although there are many sportsbooks in Kenya offering this payment method, you need to make sure that you choose the right sportsbook.

This means choosing an option with the best features to give you a nice gambling experience.