Cricket Betting in Kenya

Cricket betting has become popular in Kenya, mainly because of the country’s strong Indian influence. Since the sport has such a long play time per match, there’s always a cricket market available for online punters.

While most Kenyans enjoy betting on their favourite cricket team, they do need help finding the right cricket betting sites. To help new players, we’ve provided a list of Kenya’s top online cricket betting sites on the right. Continue reading to learn more about cricket betting in Kenya and how to place bets.

What is Cricket Betting?

Online cricket betting involves predicting different aspects of a cricket match. Since there can only be one winner in a cricket match, you can place a wager on a team to win. Nonetheless, note that tied games or abandoned fixtures can also occur. Luckily enough, if an abandoned fixture occurs, you will get your stake back.

Cricket betting’s popularity has gone up quite a bit, especially in Kenya, with more people engaging now than ever before. This began with cricket being introduced during colonization by various schools and groups; it became very famous among Kenyans. Schools and clubs played each other in cricket matches, which fostered healthy competition and a lifelong passion for the game.

The history of Kenyan cricket changed dramatically when the Kenyan Cricket Federation was established. Apart from having many local supporters, Kenya’s national side has also featured at the Cricket World Cup.

Best Cricket Betting Sites in Kenya

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Cricket Betting Basic Rules and Terminology

Compared to most sports, cricket has its own unique betting terminology. So, to fully understand how online cricket betting in Kenya works, there are a few terms you should know. The following are the most common ones:



This strategy is common to several types of sports gambling, including cricket. Using one of our recommended cricket betting sites in Kenya, you can hedge a bet by placing another wager that runs opposite to the original one. This strategy always results in a return, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Away Swing

An away swing is when a ball swings in midair as it is bowled. Away swings cause the ball to move away from the batter.

Absent Hurt

If a batsman leaves the field during an inning while being struck, they will be considered “retired hurt” on the scorecard. However, if they do not reach the crease, they are termed “Absent Hurt.”


Value describes an event that has a higher likelihood of occurring than its odds would indicate.

Cricket Bet Types

While cricket has its own unique bet types, if you’ve placed wagers before, it won’t be hard to do so with cricket. That said, here are some of the common bets you can place at cricket betting sites:

Match Winner

The match-winner bet is the most common wager at online cricket betting sites in Kenya. You select the side you think will win a specific match. Match winners often have high odds, and it’s not hard to turn a profit if you put in the time and effort to research.

Top Bowlers

For this bet, you predict the bowler who you think will take the highest number of wickets in a match or a series. If you have a good knowledge of the game and its participants, then this can be one way to make extra money.

Top Batsman

The top batsman bet is another common form of wager in cricket. This refers to gambling about the player who will score the most runs for his team throughout the match period.

Series Winner

To win this bet, you’ll have to correctly predict which side will win a series or how many matches will be played. Most online cricket betting sites in Kenya often offer high odds for this bet because it’s the hardest to predict.

Man of the Match

In this case, you have to predict who among all the players will be recognized as Man of the Match. Typically, bookies give higher odds for this type than toss result odds.

Toss Winner

All you have to do is guess who wins a coin toss before kick-off. This is often a 50/50 wager; therefore, the odds are usually even. For example, if you stake Ksh 100 and your team wins the toss, you will receive Ksh 100 back.

To Score 50 Runs

You need to predict which batsman can score fifty runs in a match if you want to win this market. You can review previous games to help determine which player has a better chance of doing so. To help with this, some of our recommended cricket betting sites in Kenya offer a statistics feature where you can review teams and their past games.

Over/Under Score

For this bet, you predict whether their total run count exceeds or stays below a certain number. You can choose “under” if it seems they may score less or “over” if conditions are favorable for more points.


You can use handicap bets to balance the strength between two teams in cricket. One side can be handicapped by starting the match with a run or wicket advantage, or conversely, the other team can begin with a disadvantage. The aim of handicaps is to bring about equal odds by altering the final scores.

Innings Run

Innings Run betting allows bettors to predict how many runs a team will score, and it is available on most online cricket betting sites. This makes the game more thrilling and offers a chance to win cash for correct predictions.

Team of Top Batsman 

To win this market, you need to select which team will have the highest scorer of innings or match by selecting them from the “team of top batsmen.” To make these bets, it’s best to consider factors such as the batting order, present form, field conditions, and bowling attack strength of a given team.

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There are several tournaments available at the best online cricket betting sites in Kenya. Here are some of the most popular cricket tournaments you can bet on:

ICC Champions Trophy

The ICC Champions Trophy was originally established in 1998 as the ICC Knockout Tournament but has undergone significant changes since then. This tournament takes place every four years and uses the One-Day International format. The ICC ended the competition because they wanted only one big prize in all three cricket formats. However, there was a change of heart in 2021, and the competition is set to return in 2025.

ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup

Contested every four years, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup started in 1975 as a One-Day International tournament. Ten teams compete in this event in a round-robin format and then in a knockout format. The format is said to be altered for the 2027 edition to make room for a larger 14-team championship match. Therefore, there will be more events to bet on at cricket betting sites in Kenya.

Ashes Series

In the Ashes, the English and Australian teams compete in a five-test series once every two years. This tournament lasts a month, with each test taking five days. This cricket match between England and Australia, both of which are some of the best teams in the world, attracts many bookmakers.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

T20, short for Twenty20, is a lightning-fast cricket event that has exploded in popularity worldwide. The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournaments feature exciting matches that span about three hours and include teams playing against each other. Many cricket fans and bettors in Kenya love the short format because of its exciting action.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

With an amazing atmosphere and numerous celebrities in its ranks, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has conquered the hearts of cricket fans worldwide. The tournament features a franchise system where players from different nationalities fight for their respective teams. 

Due to the intense tournament matches, online IPL betting is popular among cricket enthusiasts. It becomes even more attractive due to the famous cricketers participating in the competition.

Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Pakistan has a cricket spectacle called the Pakistan Super League (PSL), consisting of local talent and foreign professionals. PSL is surely one of Pakistan’s most-awaited tournaments because of its exciting environment and quality cricket matches.

Thanks to PSL’s popularity among cricket lovers worldwide, different online betting options are available. Fans can feel much closer to PSL by watching the match and making bets on player performances or game outcomes.

Big Bash League (BBL)

The Big Bash League (BBL) is an Australian cricket event known for its exciting and fast-paced nature. Various cities battle against each other through enthralling games. Cricket enthusiasts have been drawn to the BBL thanks to the numerous betting options at the best online cricket betting sites. 

Tips & Strategies for Cricket Betting in Kenya

We’ve prepared a few of our best online cricket betting tips to help you with gambling. Check them out below:

Know the Game

Punters who wish to keep winning must be well-informed. This requires studying about cricket’s past, its laws and rules, and what happens in every match.

Stay Updated

Bettors must be current with what’s happening in various cricket leagues. Any cricket team’s chances of winning can change if there are lineup changes due to injuries or trades.

Bet Based on Recent Performance

Players need to review teams’ or players’ recent forms to make educated bets. In some cases, cricketers can continue their winning streaks in the following games after a good game.

Challenges and Risks in Cricket Betting in Kenya

While cricket betting in Kenya has the potential for large winnings, it also has its own fair share of risks and challenges. Here are some of them to consider:


Setting industry-wide standards is difficult because it’s unclear what rules and regulations govern bookmakers’ operations in various countries.

Being concerned about match-fixing, gambling responsibly, and addiction should top the list of priorities.

Preserving the sport and the betting business as a whole largely depends on creating a safe and open space for cricket bettors. This will require a concerted effort by regulators, operators, and cricket authorities.

How to Bet on Cricket in Kenya

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With user-friendly cricket betting sites, creating an account and placing your first bet on cricket couldn’t be any easier. These are six simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Find a trusted sportsbook and create an account

  2. Go to the cashier to select a deposit method and fund your account

  3. Choose “Cricket” from the Sports A-Z menu on the bookie’s page

  4. Once you’ve picked a bet, it should appear on the bet slip instantly

  5. Next, enter your stake and click on bet

  6. Then, sit back and watch the game or wait for the outcome


Cricket is far from a simple game, and this greatly affects the betting options sportsbooks offer Kenyan players. You can wager on team performances in games, tournaments, or individual performances. There are other options, like the bowler with the best wicket total or the batter with the biggest run potential.

You’ll get these and many more waiting for you when you open an account with a leading Kenyan sportsbook online. Ensure you follow the sports betting tips and tactics in the article to increase your chances of winning.