Cashback Bonus on Kenyan Betting Sites

When you place a bet, the odds may sometimes be against you, leaving you with losses. In such cases, cashback bonuses step in to provide some compensation. You’ll find different Kenya betting cashback bonus offers, and in this guide, we’ll cover all about these promotions. So, read on to learn about the top cashback bonuses in Kenya, how they work, and how you can leverage them.

Definition and Purpose of Cashback Bonus in Betting

A cashback bonus, also known as a rebate, is a promotion that gives you back a portion of money — especially on lost bets. Hence, the primary purpose of a betting cashback bonus is to provide a bit of relief when results are unfavorable. New and existing customers can qualify for the bonus, depending on the criteria set by the Kenya bookmaker.

Mostly, cashbacks in Kenya range between 10% and 30%. However, in some cases, they may be higher than 50%, especially if the promo is for VIP bettors. As with several other promotions, cashbacks come with specific terms and conditions. Ultimately, cashbacks are great because even the most seasoned bettors lose at some point.

Top Cashback Bonuses in Kenya

100% Up To 190,000 KES + 150 FS
8.5 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
100% Up To 19,000 KES
8.5 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
Up to 1,000,000 KES BSL Pool
7.5 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
100% up to KES 15,000
8 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
100% Up to 15,000 KES
8 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
200% Up To 20,000 KES
7.5 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
100% Up To 11,800 KES
7.5 / 10
18+ Terms Apply
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Types of Cashback Bonuses

There are several cashback bonuses at Kenya betting sites to choose from. We’ve listed the top ones below:

Loss Rebates

This type of cashback bonus in sports betting gives you a portion of your loss back up to a certain percentage. It’s common for Kenyan gambling sites to return losing stakes as real money. In some cases, however, they may reward the bonus as free bets. 

Most loss rebates are usually calculated over a specified period — weekly or monthly. Notably, they fall into two main categories: partial and full cashback:

  • Partial cashback: Here’s the most common type that gives you a portion of your loss. In other words, you won’t get 100% of your money back, but you can receive around 10% to 30% of it — or higher. 
  • Full cashback: These are afforded in multi-bets, where you get a total return on losing a particular number of games. For instance, some bookmakers in Kenya offer 100% cashback when you lose only one game in a multibet. Note that there are usually restrictions on the minimum number of selections and total odds for a multibet to qualify for a full cashback.

Loss/win Cashback

Though rare, this type of cashback doesn’t depend on whether you win or lose. You simply get a percentage of the amount you spend on the Kenya betting site for a specified period. However, note that the cashback rate for this offer is significantly low and may sometimes go below 1%.

For some Kenyan bookies, the rate ranges between 0.1% to 0.5% on all money staked, whether wins or losses. To illustrate, consider spending a total of Ksh 200,000 monthly on a platform with a monthly cashback of  0.2%. You can get Ksh 400 cashback. It’s worth noting that high rollers benefit most from this type of cashback compared to regular bettors.

Deposit Match Cashback

A deposit match betting cashback bonus is a type of bonus where you get back a certain percentage when you fund your account. Key terms and conditions tied to this offer revolve around minimum deposit and preferred deposit method. Nevertheless, other vital requirements may apply depending on the Kenya betting sites.

Bore Draw Insurance

This offer is popular on some Kenya bookmaker platforms and is ideal if you’re a bettor who likes placing correct-score wagers. It gives you a total stake refund when you bet a correct score, but the game ends scoreless — 0-0. For example, suppose you place a Ksh 2,000 bet for Bandari to beat Tusker by 4:2. If the result is 0-0, you’ll get a Ksh 2,000 refund. Note that the bore draw cashback offer applies to pre-match betting and not live betting.

How to Get Cashback Bonuses in Kenya

Cashbacks are relatively popular offers, so they’re available on many betting sites. Therefore, you must be in-depth with your search to be sure you get quality ones. First, check our top list for the best cashback bonus Kenya 2024 offers. We continually compile and update cashback offers from various bookmakers as they come in.

Alternatively, you can visit bookmakers’ websites in Kenya with cashback offers. Check the promotions section to know what’s available. Notably, you can also benefit from signing into their newsletters and following them on social media. This way, you receive notifications on various promotions as soon as they are launched.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashback Bonus

Without a doubt, the best cashback bonus offers in Kenya come with many upsides. However, at the same time, there are some downsides to note. You can check these out below.


Compensation for losses

A cashback bonus in sports betting gives back some of the money you lost from betting. You get a percentage of the stake back, lessening the sting of losses.

Encourage loyalty

Cashback bonuses promote loyalty among bettors. If you know you’ll receive some cash back after losing, you will likely stick with a particular betting platform.

Increased engagement

The good thing about cashback is that it increases user engagement by providing some return bettors to place more bets.


You can use cashback bonuses across different sports and markets. They usually come with fewer restrictions compared to other types of bonuses.


Relatively low percentage

Cashback bonuses on most Kenyan bookmaker sites have low percentages. Offers with high percentages are usually limited to VIPs.

Partial refunds

The majority of cashback bonus offers are partial refunds. It’s challenging to find an offer that fully compensates for the incurred loss unless you bet and win with the cashback.

Loss-triggered bonus

You typically get cashback when you place bets and lose. In other words, the bonus activation is linked to unfavorable outcomes.

How Cashback Bonuses Work

A cashback works by giving back a certain amount of money lost in a bet. However, the promos come with several terms and conditions from Kenya bookmakers, which you should understand to fully grasp how they work. To illustrate, let’s consider a scenario with a weekly cashback bonus below bonus:

Cashback percentage:

Minimum qualifying loss:
Ksh 500

Maximum cashback amount:
Ksh 1,000

Now, suppose you engage in betting during the week and incur a net loss of Ksh 750. In this case, you’re eligible to receive the cashback since Ksh 750 is above the minimum qualifying loss of Ksh 500. If you calculate the cashback amount, 10% of Ksh 750, you’ll get Ksh 75. Since the cashback amount (Ksh 75) does not exceed the maximum (Ksh 1,000), the Kenyan bookmaker will credit you Ksh 75. 

You may want to ask, what if the cashback exceeds the maximum amount? Well, you’ll simply forfeit the additional money. To illustrate using similar offer constraints as the first example, consider a player who lost Ksh 15,000 in net losses. The cashback amount would be 10% of Ksh 15000, which is Ksh 1500. Applying the maximum cashback value (Ksh 1000), this player will forfeit Ksh 500. The Kenyan bookmaker will only return Ksh 1,000 of the lost bets.

Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

While impressive, Kenya betting cashback bonus promos have several conditions for activating and claiming. Basically, if you don’t satisfy the requirements, you won’t get any value from the cashback. We’ve discussed the key terms you should know below:

  1. Minimum Odd

    There are usually minimum odds established by Kenya betting platforms that you must observe to qualify for the bonus. Notably, cashback bonuses applicable to multi-bets may have a combined minimum odd or a minimum odd for each selection. Either way, meeting the limits is imperative; otherwise, your bet disqualifies you from the promotion.

  2. Minimum and Maximum Value

    Losses typically must be up to a minimum amount to be eligible for cashback bonuses. If you lose less than the set rate while betting, you’ll be unable to enjoy the benefits of the promotion. Similarly, there’s a value the cashback can’t exceed, which is the maximum cashback amount. Note that you can lose an amount higher than the maximum value of the cashback promotion and still qualify. But only the maximum cashback amount will be returned.

  3. Bet Markets

    Bookmakers in Kenya may set restrictions regarding the specific market you should bet to qualify for a cashback. For example, consider a qualifying bet that must be placed on the “anytime goalscorer” market. That means if you bet on a particular player that you predict to score, but they fail, you’ll get a cashback. Meanwhile, if you wager on any other market — like the match winner — you won’t get the bonus.

  4. Pre-match or Live

    Some cashback bonuses in Kenya restrict whether the qualifying bet should be placed in pre-match or live events. Pre-match offers only accommodate the bets placed before the sports event (football, basketball, horse races, volleyball, cricket, rugby, boxing, athletics and many more), while live/in-play cashbacks include only bets placed while the sports event is ongoing. You’ll want to confirm this and follow it to avoid disqualification.

  5. Deposits

    For deposit match cashback bonus Kenya, bookmakers impose conditions on the minimum deposit that qualifies for the offer. Conditions on the deposit method, for example, airtel money or Mpesa, may apply.

  6. Validity Period

    Cashback promotions come with a validity period within which you must claim and use them. This is standard with most other bonuses on Kenya betting sites.

Where to Find Cashback Bonuses in Kenya

If you want the best cashback bonuses in Kenya, you should check our featured list. We’ve identified the best betting sites with valuable promotions that compensate you for your losses. That said, here are the other options to consider when looking for cashbacks:

Social Network

Several betting platforms promote betting cashback bonus and reload offers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple to keep up with the latest promos if you follow your preferred betting sites on these social platforms. Just turn on the notification to avoid missing any updates.


Signing up for email newsletters from betting sites can be pretty rewarding. Always check them out, as they frequently provide a quick look at cashback and other promotions available. You may even get special deals for subscribers.

Reputable Websites

Some websites like review aggregators, forums with verified feedback, and industry watchdogs are among the best to find a cashback bonus. These platforms save you time by gathering the best cashback available on different bookies. Some even go the extra mile of breaking down the deals, helping you get the most value.

Responsible Betting is Important

As with other forms of gambling, responsible betting is essential when utilizing the benefits of cashback bonuses. A cashback bonus in sports is ideally meant to enhance betting enjoyment but not to cultivate unhealthy betting behavior. 

One way you can bet responsibly is to set and stick to limits on the amount you can spend on gambling without hurting your finances. Remember, cashback bonuses at Kenya betting sites may sound like free money. However, in reality, you must spend your funds to get the rewards. So, avoid platforms that set high deposit limits or relatively unreasonable qualifying requirements. These can make you spend more than your budget. 

Similarly, don’t get caught up in the web of loss-chasers. Have limits on the time you should spend on betting, and take breaks when you feel frustrated or out of control. Speak to a professional when you feel like you’re having uncontrollable problems. They could connect you to support groups and other responsible gaming resources in Kenya that can help solve your problem.


When used appropriately, cashback bonuses offer Kenyan bettors appealing benefits. Having extra funds in your account even after losing can enhance your betting experience. With various platforms available, the key is offers that match your needs.

Thankfully, you can do that easily by checking our top list. Amidst the thrill and excitement, remember to stay responsible with cashback bonus offers. Put proper safeguards on your time and budget while taking breaks and avoiding chasing losses.