Betting Sites in Kenya – The Ultimate Guide

Online betting is a popular entertainment activity for many Kenyan sports fans. Besides the fun, it’s also possible to make winnings with proper analysis and luck. However, it all starts with using the right bookmaker.

If you search the web, you’ll find many betting sites in Kenya. This includes local and offshore bookmakers with options to stake in various sports. The many options are commendable, as it means you have many options. At the same time, there’s also the problem of deciding on one.

After selecting an ideal bookmaker, other factors remain to consider. For instance, what sports will you wager on, and how do you stay responsible to avoid problem gambling? Thankfully, our ultimate guide on betting sites in Kenya provides all the answers.

The Main Purpose of this Guide

This guide aims to provide a detailed coverage of betting sites in Kenya. Many Kenyan sports fans want to place bets, but only a few know how to select the best bookmakers. So, this guide was put together by our experts to offer direction. While it’s more helpful for newbies, you can still leverage the information as a seasoned bettor.

Betting Sites in Kenya

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Overview of the Kenyan Betting Industry

The Kenyan betting industry has come a long way. By the early 20th century, there were forms of informal gambling in different parts of the country. However, in 1966, the government established gambling laws via the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act of the United Kingdom. That same year, the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) began operations.

Since 1966, Kenya has maintained a well-defined legal framework. The BCLB regulates gambling operators in the country. Hence, all betting sites in Kenya must apply for a license before offering their services to the public. The BCLB is known to be strict, with reports of the body postponing license renewal for some big bookmakers.

The Kenyan betting industry mainly centers on football. This isn’t surprising as it’s the most popular sport in the country and the world. Also, it’s out of the common to find a betting site without the option for bettors to stake on football. Besides football, Kenyans also bet on popular sports like basketball, volleyball, horse races and netball.

Notably, the market size of bettors in Kenya is vast. Reports reveal that around seven million citizens wager on sports events, bringing a revenue of over $2 billion (over Ksh 306 billion). That’s over 12% of Kenya’s around 55 million population. Thanks to the keen regulatory eyes of the BCLB, sports betting in Kenya is largely safe.

How to Choose the Best Betting Website

When rating the top betting sites in Kenya, we consider a range of factors. So, you can pick a bookmaker from our featured list and be sure you’ll get quality. To make things easier, here are important criteria to focus on when making the selection:

  • User Experience: Go for a betting site with a user-friendly interface you’ll find easy to navigate:
  • Reliability: The bookmaker must be reliable, with a valid BCLB license and a positive reputation from customer reviews.
  • Odds: It’s ideal to use a betting provider with competitive odds so you get value from your bets.
  • Betting Coverage: Ensure the betting site features the sports and markets you intend staking on.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Bookmakers with valuable bonuses and promos are always an advantage, as you get chances to increase your bankroll.
  • Betting Features: Some betting features — like live betting, cashout, and real-time stats — are important for convenience.
  • Mobile App: If you prefer picking odds with your smartphone, select a Kenya betting site with an installable app.
  • Payment Methods: Consider bookmakers that support quick and simple payment methods, especially those local to Kenya, like MPesa.
  • Customer Support: The betting platform should have a responsive customer service you can count on whenever you need assistance.

New Betting Sites in Kenya

Some bookmakers in Kenya have been around for years. However, others have only recently launched. These new betting sites introduce some beneficial features, which is why some Kenyan sports bettors prefer them.

With new bookmakers in Kenya, you can expect the latest technologies. For instance, the sites will likely have a modern design with a responsive UI. Additionally, there’s a high possibility of them featuring mobile apps.

However, having innovations doesn’t mean you should quickly visit a new betting site and sign up. You also need to consider certain factors before deciding on what platforms to use. It’s important to guarantee quality, security, and reliability.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider is licensing, as new betting sites in Kenya may not yet have approval from BCLB. Furthermore, consider user experience, payment methods, market coverage, and the others highlighted previously. To make things easy, we’ve done the research, and you can pick an option from our recommendations below.

Pros and Cons of New Sites

As stated, new betting sites are the target for some Kenyan bettors due to their innovations. However, these bookmakers also have some downsides. Let’s look at both sides to balance the scale and help you make an informed decision regarding these recently launched platforms.


+ Unique features: New Kenya betting sites typically have live betting, bet builders, and other interesting options.

+ Noteworthy bonuses: In a bid to attract players, it’s typically for new bookmakers to offer highly valuable promotions, especially the welcome bonus.

+ Wide betting coverage: Bookmakers joining the betting market in Kenya know there’s strong competition to navigate. As a result, the majority will cover a broad range of sports events.


Limited reputation: Since new Kenyan bookmakers are only getting started, it’s difficult to know whether they’re reputable.

Low community presence: New betting sites won’t have a large following, so the betting experience may feel isolated.

You’ll get the best experience when you place wagers on the most popular sports in Kenya. That’s because these games resonate across betting enthusiasts. So, you’ll find many other bettors to share your predictions and potential wins with. Additionally, most betting sites in Kenya offer the best features for popular games.

With popular sports, you get a wide range of markets. So, betting sites will likely feature in-depth stats and coverage of the matches. For instance, you’ll get historical data, current analysis, and other helpful analyses to make better betting decisions.

Live betting is another reason to go for popular sports on Kenyan betting sites. This thrilling option allows you to wager on games after kickoff. They’re available on many top bookmaker platforms, and you get the most opportunities to wager on with widespread sports.

So, what are the popular sports to bet on in Kenya? Without question, football comes first. From our expert findings, the next is basketball, and then tennis. Let’s explore how betting on these different sports works.

Football Betting

Perhaps you’re a fan of Sofapaka, Kakamega Homeboyz, AFC Leopards SC, or Nairobi City Stars. It doesn’t matter which team you support. You can bet on all of them with the best betting sites in Kenya. The bookmakers also cover teams and matches in other football competitions, like those in Europe (UEFA EURO) and North America.

When you visit a betting site in Kenya, you’ll typically find football as the first sports category. So, finding your preferred matches and placing bets is straightforward. Let’s discuss the popular market options when it comes to football betting:

Match Result

In this market, you simply bet on who will win the match or if it’ll be a draw. For instance, consider a game between AFC Leopards SC and Nairobi City. Betting on the match result means you’ll pick AFC Leopards SC or Nairobi City or win — or both teams will draw.

Over/Under Goals

Teams win in football by scoring goals. So, this market allows you to predict whether the total goals in the game will be above or under a number the bookmaker sets. Suppose the specified number is 3.5. If you bet on over, it means the goals will exceed 3, and betting on the under market means it’ll be less than 3.

Both Teams to Score

Here’s another market that involves goals. Here, you bet on whether or not the two competing teams will score in the match. It’s a relatively simple option, which is why it’s popular among many Kenyan bettors.

Correct Score

If you want to test your prediction powers, you can choose the Correct Score market option when visiting betting sites in Kenya. For example, in a match between Sofapaka and Kakamega Homeboyz, you can predict the exact score to be 3:2. It’s a difficult market to win, but the odds are usually super high.

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Basketball Betting

After football, you’ll usually find sports lovers in Kenya talking about football. Local basketball teams are less popular than the Kenya Premier League football teams. As a result, much of the attention goes to international basketball leagues like the NBA.

With basketball betting sites in Kenya, you’ll also get a wide range of markets to bet on. An appealing aspect of the games is their high scores and fast pace. Teams put the ball in the basket within seconds, and the final scoreline usually exceeds 100. If you’re wondering what markets you can bet on, check out the popular ones below:


This is the same as the match-winner option. So, you bet on who wins the match, irrespective of the margin of victory. The unique aspect of basketball is that, unlike football, games don’t end in a draw. It’s either the home or away team wins, no in-betweens.

Point Spread

With this market, you wager on the difference in score margin. It’s usually denoted with plus (+) and minus (-) signs. For instance, suppose the home team has +7.5, and the opposing team has -7.5. If you pick the home team, you predict them to win or not lose by more than seven points. Meanwhile, choosing the away team means you expect them to win by over seven points.

Prop Bets

This market allows you to wager on outcomes besides the game’s final result. For example, you can bet on the number of rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, or points players will score. It’s a diverse option that interests many Kenyan basketball betting fans.


The over/under market present in football also applies in basketball. However, since basketball records far higher scores than football, you’ll find larger values on Kenya betting sites. Most basketball Totals will have a set number above 100.

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Tennis Betting

The Kenyan Open tournament may no longer be active, but Kenyans have not lost their love for tennis. This is evident from the high traffic the tennis section receives on bookmaker sites. Notably, many factors contribute to the popularity of the sports.

First, tennis offers the option to bet on individuals. Hence, there’s a striking contrast from other popular sports in Kenya, like football and basketball, where you bet on teams. You’ll only need to focus on a single player when wagering on Kenya betting sites, making things somewhat easier. 

Furthermore, tennis has a relatively busy calendar. All year round, there are events to bet on, from the Grand Slam events (such as Wimbledon Championships), ATP Tour tournaments, and WTA events, to name a few. If you’re interested in betting on these matches, here are the top markets to consider:

Match Winner

You can still bet on who’ll win the matchup in tennis. As explained, it’s easier to predict since it’s a one-man game.

Set Betting

Here’s a more innovative option to wager on tennis at Kenyan bookmakers. The events usually have multiple sets, with most professional games having three with six games. You can bet on the exact scoreline in terms of sets.


Tennis games will go to a tie-break if there’s a draw after the regular sets. So, you can bet on whether such a draw will occur. This market can have advantageous odds, given the varying nature of tennis matches. Many Kenyan tennis fans consider the tie-break option as a favorite.

Double Faults

A fault occurs in tennis when a player misses their first serve. If the player misses two consecutive times, it’s a double fault, and their opponent gets a score. On Kenya betting sites, you can bet on the total number of double faults during the tennis game. This is another market that can offer high odds since professional players don’t commit such faults regularly.

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Guide to the Best Betting Sites

From our featured list of the best betting sites in Kenya, you can easily choose a quality bookmaker to use. However, there are other things to note before placing bets. Before anything else, you need to register an account.

If you’re done with signing up, the bookmaker will require you to fund your account so you can bet. Usually, there are bonuses to claim if you’re a new player. Receiving such promos is ideal if the terms and conditions are fair. 

With money in your betting account, you can add games to your bet slip. However, the experience doesn’t end there. If your predictions are favorable and you win bets, you need to withdraw. Find out more about these steps in detail in the sections below.

How to Sign Up to a Betting Site

The top Kenya betting sites on our list keep their registration procedure simple. The idea is for players to join and start placing bets as seamlessly as possible. Note that the particular process can vary between different bookmakers, but here’s what to expect:

Visit the official betting site: You can do this using your browser on a PC or mobile. If the bookmaker has a mobile app, it’s also a good option.

Click the Registration button: Most betting sites in Kenya will feature “Create Account,” while others will have “Join” or “Sign Up.” Whichever, you’ll typically find the option at the top of the homepage.

Complete the registration form: The sign-up form will generally request personal details like name, phone number, and address. Also, you’ll create your login information with your email address or phone number and a unique username. 

Activate your account: To complete the registration, it’s expected that the Kenyan bookmaker will send a link to your email address or a code to your phone number. Whichever, simply follow the instructions to confirm your account.

Once your account is confirmed, you should have access to your dashboard. The next step is to add funds so you can begin betting.

How To Deposit on a Betting Site

Funding your betting account is also not complicated with quality bookmakers in Kenya. The best ones will provide fast payment options, so the money reflects in your account within minutes. Here’s how the process works:

Log into your betting account: For this, you simply need your email address or phone number and password. If you’re already logged in, you can skip this step.

Navigate to the deposit section: You may find the Deposit button directly displayed on your dashboard. Alternatively, you can click your profile and select the Cashier or Payment options. 

Choose your preferred payment method: Kenyan bookmakers will provide multiple payment options for you to use when funding your account. It’s best to look out for local channels, which’re more tailored for local players.

Follow the instructions to complete the payment: The exact procedure to complete the payment will differ from one payment method to another. If you’re using a bank card, for instance, you’ll need to provide the card details, CVV, and PIN, among others. Meanwhile, with an option like MPesa, you’ll only have to enter a number.

Deposits usually don’t take time to reflect. If the transaction is successful, you should see the funds in your betting balance instantly. At most, it’ll take a few minutes. 

How to Receive Welcome Bonus From a Betting Site

One reason we recommend using Kenya betting sites on our featured list is that you get interesting promotions. As you register as a new player, you can claim the welcome bonus. The offer will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, but you can expect a match bonus or free bet.

With free bets, the betting site can only require opting in to secure the offer. Once the bonus is added to your balance, you bet according to the T&Cs. Since it’s “free,” you may not need to deposit.

Some betting sites will only credit free bets after meeting a prior requirement. For instance, the requirement can demand that you wager up to a certain amount on a minimum number of odds. If you satisfy the condition and receive the free bets, you won’t need to meet any other requirements.

However, the match bonus is the most popular option on Kenya betting sites. With such a promo, you make a deposit, and the bookmaker will reward you with a certain percentage of your money. Suppose the bonus is 100%. That means if you fund your account with Ksh 100, you’ll get Ksh 200 in total.

To claim a match welcome bonus, the platform may also require opt-in. Additionally, you may need to provide a promo code while registering or making payment. If your payment is successful, you’ll receive the bonus money in your account. 

How To Bet On A Betting Site

Different betting sites have varying designs, but the fundamental layout stays the same. You get a display of available sports matches with their market odds. Then, the page will feature a bet slip at the right or left section. You’ll find this structure on many top sports gambling platforms in Kenya.

So, how you bet isn’t complicated. Simply browse the featured games and their markets. If you find the market you want to bet on, click the odds. It’ll appear on your bet slip.

For instance, suppose the betting site features a game between AFC Leopards SC and Nairobi City with the following odds for the match-winner market:

  • AFC Leopards SC: 4.5
  • Draw: 2.3
  • Nairobi City: 1.6

If you want to bet on AFC Leopards to win, you’ll click 4.5. Similarly, to wager on the game finishing in a draw, you click 2.3. By selecting 1.6, you predict Nairobi City to win.

Repeat the above process for all matches and markets you want to bet on. You can add as many picks to your bet slip as the betting site supports. When done, you set how much you want to stake and submit the bet.

From your account dashboard, you’ll typically find a “My Bets” or simply a “Bets” section. When you visit the page, you’ll find all your active bets so that you can follow up on the results.

How To Withdraw From A Betting Site

Many Kenyan bettors have experienced the thrill of landing big wins on sports betting. If you employ reliable strategies and luck is on your site, your bets can also be favorable. In such situations, you’ll have to withdraw your winnings. 

Withdrawal is similar to depositing, except that you’re the one getting paid. However, before you place your request, there are some factors to consider. First, ensure you’ve verified your identity with the bookmaker. Regulated Kenya betting sites usually request identity verification to confirm that bettors are legally permitted to place bets. So, without completing the requirement, you’ll be unable to withdraw.

Besides the identity verification, another important factor is bonus wagering requirements. This applies if you claim the welcome offer or any other promo. Ensure you’ve completed the demands as specified in the promo T&Cs before opting to request a payout. 

If you’ve met all conditions  for withdrawal, here’s how to go about it: 

  • Log into your account and navigate to the cashier section
  • Select the option for withdrawal and choose your preferred payment option
  • Specify the amount you want to withdraw
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction
  • Wait for credit

Withdrawals can be completed instantly, in a few minutes, or take multiple days. It depends on the method you use. Options like eWallets like Skrill and Neteller or local options like MPesa will typically be faster. However, it may take longer if you’re withdrawing directly to your bank account. 

Responsible Gambling: Tips and Resources for Safe and Responsible Gambling Practices on Betting Sites 

As a sports fan, using betting sites in Kenya can be entertaining. You get to follow and back your favorite teams and players while testing your prediction skills. However, while at it, it’s important to stay responsible. 

Responsible gambling simply involves keeping your betting activities in check. It’s crucial to avoid problems like overspending or addiction. Thankfully, it’s not difficult to implement, and there are many resources to help. Below are helpful practices you can abide by.


You should limit all your activities on Kenya bookmaker sites. This includes your deposits, bets, and sessions. You can do this daily, monthly, or weekly — depending on your gambling frequency. Most betting sites will feature native options for you to use. However, if there are none, you should install tracker tools like apps and impose these limits.

Use Self-Assessment

This option is like taking an exam to know if you fail or pass, and it’s a common resource on quality betting sites. You can perform self-assessment anytime, but we request you do it regularly. Once a week is ideal. From the assessment result, you’ll know if you’ve been gambling responsibly or not. Then, you can make adjustments as needed to get back on track.

Understand the

One way to stay responsible while using betting sites in Kenya is to know what you’re doing. This involves understanding the sports, markets, and outcomes. For instance, if you mistake the Totals (Over/Under) market for handicap in a football game, the result will likely be unfavorable. That’s why reading in-depth guides like ours is helpful. Also, use the recommended bookmakers on our featured list. They’re transparent with games and odds, meaning you can easily grasp markets and outcomes.


You can contact the betting site’s customer service team to request a break whenever you want. This will help if you believe there’s reason to worry about your gambling habits. You can take breaks for days, weeks, or months. Most betting sites will feature the Take a Break option for a maximum duration of six months. You can resume betting when things are under control again.

Self-Exclude When

Self-exclusion is the step to take if things are problematic. It’s a more extreme approach to taking a break, as you can stay off for longer than six months. The Kenya betting site you register with will refrain from sending any gambling-related content once you activate self-exclusion.

Contact Responsible Gambling Bodies

Many organizations offer responsible gambling support to Kenyan players. These include Responsible Gambling Kenya, the Responsible Gaming Federation of Kenya, and the Johnika Foundation, to name a few. Feel free to reach out to them at any time you need assistance.


With our detailed guide, you get all the information there is to know about betting sites in Kenya. If you’re starting as a bettor, there are many bookmakers to go with. On our featured list, we’ve outlined the best ones that offer optimal quality. You can visit your preferred betting site, create an account, and start betting. We’ve covered the steps involved in detail in this guide to make everything easier. As you add odds to your bet slip, abide by the discussed responsible gambling tips. Also, don’t approach betting with the idea of making money. Rather, see it as a source of entertainment to complement your love for sports.

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