Athletics Betting in Kenya

Kenyans are very successful athletes globally, contributing to the popularity of athletics betting in the country. Kenyan punters bet on multiple sporting events, including jumping, throwing, and running. Notably, many of these sports are incorporated into one event. Since athletics is a massive field, many punters might find betting on it challenging. Fortunately, our guide will teach everything you need about online athletics betting in Kenya. We’ll explore the significant events you can bet on, different types of markets, and how you can place bets. Read on to learn more.

What is Athletics Betting?

Athletics betting is fascinating because you are not limited to a single sport. You will find several track and field contests which you can bet on. Predicting the outright winner is the simplest type of bet. Typically, you bet on the athlete who will take the first position. You can also wager on other markets, like if a specific athlete will break the world record or reach the podium.

The majority of athletics betting happens in track and field sports. As the term suggests, track and field sports occur on the field or the running track. You can wager on several races on the running track, like 100m, 400m, 1500m, and so on. There are also events such as relay races and hurdles. Field events mainly involve jumping and throwing, like discus, javelin, pole vault, and long & high jump. Within these events, there are several variations. For instance, there are women’s events and men’s events. 

There’s also cross-country running, which involves long-distance running and is believed to be the toughest of races. Athletes run on hilly and flat ground, and the aim is to test their endurance. Moreover, you can wager on team and individual events. Individual events are determined by time, while points decide team events.

Race walking is another popular category that you can wager on. In this race, the athlete must ensure that one foot is always in contact with the ground. There are judges around the route to observe the athletes. An athlete can receive a yellow card as a caution or a red card for a serious offense. Three red cards lead to disqualification. As evident, there are many athletics events that you can bet on.

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Athletics Bet Types

With a massive range of athletic disciplines, you have a vast array of wagering markets. However, bet types in athletics are often based on certain fundamental principles. In this section, we explain the most common wager types to help you understand exactly the betting opportunities in their hands.

Winner/Medal win

In all events or sports you’re wagering on, betting on the winner is always the most straightforward wager. You will simply wager on the athlete that will win a specific event. If the athlete you choose wins, you’ll win the bet.

Moreover, Kenyan punters can wager on an athlete winning a medal by finishing first, second, and third. The medals for this are gold, silver, and bronze, respectively. These are intelligent bets because a punter is not only limited to the race’s winner.

World Record Bet

One of the most outstanding achievements an athlete can achieve in athletics is breaking the world record. The market allows you to bet on a particular athlete to do this. Typically, most Kenya athletics bookies add a market that will enable punters to wager on several participants in a contest to break the world record.


Like in most sports, the under/over-betting market in athletics presents Kenyans with many winning opportunities. You’re wagering whether the result will be less or more than a specific value.

For instance, in the final 100M race, a sportsbook might have a market like Over/Under 10 seconds. In such a market, you select if you think an athlete will run the race in under 10 seconds. The market might also show distances thrown in events like javelin or the height an athlete reaches in pole vault.

Live Betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, makes watching athletics and sports more exciting. However, because of the fast-paced nature of certain events, bookies don’t always offer it. In events where it is available, a bookie allows punters to bet on events as they unfold.

In athletics live betting in Kenya, the odds are continually changing. Live betting markets on athletics are rare, but the available ones are always worth checking. You never know the wagering opportunities that await you.

Prominent Athletics Events for Betting


The athletics scene has many competitions and events worldwide, and their prestige differs. It might be challenging to name the most prestigious event in certain sports, like soccer because people have different opinions. However, in athletics, it’s not as hard. You can bet on some of Kenya’s most prominent athletics betting events.

Summer Olympics

All top athletes are ultimately judged in the Summer Olympics. Winning an Olympic gold medal can elevate you to stardom fast. It is how the world considers the best athletes.

The Olympics is the landmark of athletics. The event is watched all over the world by millions of people, which has contributed to its popularity. As a result, bookies will always have markets for Kenyans to bet on during the Olympics. The event occurs every four years, presenting an excellent winning opportunity.

Athletics World Championships

These are held annually and, excluding the Olympics, are one of the most prestigious athletics events that Kenyans can bet on. Top athletes from all over the world take part in these events. For each event, an athlete aims to win a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are very similar to the Summer Olympics. The only difference is that these games are less prestigious, and participating athletes come from Commonwealth nations. Due to this, some of the best athletes in the world might miss out, but it is still an outstanding event to bet on.

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Diamond League

The event is held annually and comprises field athletic and elite track competitions. One of the reasons the league was established is to improve the athletic appeal worldwide by going outside Europe. The event is becoming popular daily, and the IAAF hopes things will improve over the years.


Kenya prides itself on producing the world’s finest marathoners, such as Eliud Kipchoge –the world record holder. Some of the marathons that Kenyans love betting on are the New York and London marathons. In a marathon, athletes run over 26 miles.

Most bookies will feature at least two wagers for these unique events. The most common ones are the outright winner and the new record wager.

Tips & Strategies for Athletics Betting in Kenya


Focusing on international events might be a good idea if you want to wager on athletics in Kenya because most local ones aren’t offered.  Fortunately, this makes things easier because information is readily available. Here is a list of tips and strategies to make successful athletic bets.

Compare multiple bookmakers: Different bookies have different markets and odds, so signing up with various Kenya athletics betting sites will help. You will get more promotions and the best odds.

Manage your bankroll well: You must always have a budget and manage it well when betting on athletics. Remember, there are many athletic events, and you can’t bet on all of them.

Discipline is vital: You need to have discipline if you want to be successful at athletics betting. Don’t let personal bias and emotions take control of you. For instance, a Kenyan punter might be tempted to bet on a Kenyan participant to win gold at the Olympics, even if their form isn’t the best. Avoid such temptations.

Wager for value: Punters should evaluate all possible outcomes and pick those odds with positive return expectations. The system is known as value betting, a proven technique to make profits in betting.

Challenges and Risks in Athletics Betting in Kenya

Athletics betting has many risks and challenges, especially locally. Here are some of them:

Doping and match-fixing: The rise of athletics betting has led to enhanced risk of corruption and match-fixing within the athletics world. When upcoming athletes realize the amount they can gain financially, it’s easy to tempt them to manipulate the events of results. It compromises the fairness and integrity of athletics events. Moreover, it’s easy for athletes to get distracted because of pressures from bookies.

Addiction risks: Gambling can be highly addictive, and the athletics betting craze can lead to gambling problems among Kenyan bettors. Responsible authorities need to establish strict guidelines regarding athletics betting.

Insufficient information for analysis: Since athletics involves many sporting events, media companies might be unable to cover all the sporting events, which can highly impact the bettors. You might not get all the injury news or athlete form updates to help you make informed bets at athletics betting platforms in Kenya.

How to Bet on Athletics in Kenya

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Most online bookies allow you to wager on athletics at the local and international levels. This section tells you how to wager on athletics in Kenya.

  1. Choose a reliable sportsbook.

    When choosing a betting site to bet on athletics, you must consider certain things. We recommend you choose a licensed site that uses modern SSL digital encryption to protect your information. The website should also provide trusted payment options, a rewarding sign-up offer, and reliable customer service.

  2. Sign up at the bookie.

    Most bookies in Kenya have a simple registration process that takes only a few minutes. Typically, you must provide your phone number and create a password. The bookie will send you an SMS that you use to verify your account.

  3. Make your first deposit.

    As mentioned, you must select a betting site accepting several banking options. We recommend choosing a site that allows you to use Safaricom Mpesa or Airtel. These are the most convenient online payment modes in Kenya.

  4. Choose the event you want to bet on and place your bets

    Understanding the athletics betting markets in Kenya you wish to wager on is very important. Although there’s no guarantee, the more information you have, the higher the winning chances. One thing to keep an eye on is the form of the athletes.

    You need to research and see how the participants performed in recent events. Even minor events are crucial in the buildup of famous events such as the Olympics. Punters also need to take note of injury news because these can have a considerable impact. You can see all this from press conferences and media briefings.

  5. Be patient.

    After placing your bets, you can only wait for the event. If you made the correct predictions, the bookie would deposit funds into your account, and you can withdraw via your preferred payment option.

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

Athletics betting in Kenya might be very lucrative for serious punters. The large number of events makes it action-packed, meaning that gamblers can find top-quality value wagers. If you put in sound research and have an effective strategy, it can help.

Kenyan punters who want to bet on athletics must understand the upsides and downsides. If you’re familiar with several events and markets, sign up with a reputable betting site and check their offerings. Then, stay up-to-date with all the major athletics events to identify the best picks for your bet.

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