Asian Handicap Betting in Kenya Betting Sites

Asian handicap is a form of betting that gives an advantage to one team over the other. Although this market is not very popular, perhaps due to its complexity, it’s upcoming in Kenya. Leading bookmakers are trying to incorporate it into sports betting, particularly in soccer. This article explains all about the AH market, including the top Asian handicap betting bookies where Kenyans can try their luck with this market.

Definition and Purpose of Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is a form of spread betting in Kenya where teams are handicapped based on their strength and performance. It involves giving a team an advantage (+ve handicap) or taking an advantage away (-ve handicap). The positive handicap is a head start given to the underdog team, while the negative handicap is given to the favorite team. These could be in the form of goals, points, teams, or other scoring metrics, depending on the sport.

The main purpose of the Asian handicap market is to level the match by giving a team a hypothetical start over their competitor. This is especially true for mismatched games or those with a clear favorite, to make them more viable for betting. Kenyan bookmakers also use the AH market to rule out the possibility of a draw in any match. The absence of a draw leaves two possible outcomes, win or lose, with a nearly 50% chance of winning for each outcome.

Top Asian Handicap Betting Bookmakers in Kenya

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How Asian Handicap Betting Works

Asian handicap betting in Kenya works a little differently than the traditional 1×2 market. Basically, the bookmaker assigns a handicap to the favorite team to make betting on the underdog more enticing. To win the bet, you’ll need to determine the team that will most likely win the spread.

For example, consider a scenario where Gor Mahia is playing Sony Sugar, and Gor Mahia is the clear favorite. The sportsbook may give Sony Sugar a +2.00 goal handicap.

Scenario 1: Bet on Sony Sugar

If you bet on Sony Sugar, you will win if Sony wins, draws, or loses by 1 goal. If Sony loses with exactly two goals, you get a refund. You lose your bet if Sony loses by more than two goals.

Scenario 2: Bet on Gor Mahia

On the other hand, if you bet on Gor Mahia, you will win when Gor Mahia wins with more than two goals. If it wins with exactly two goals, you get a refund. You’ll lose if it wins by 1 goal, draws, or loses altogether.

 Noteworthy: When betting on the Asian handicap market, you must consider the handicap size and whether the favorite will overcome it. Among others, handicap size ranges from -+0.25 to -+2.00 for football and can go up to -+7.5 or more for basketball.

Strategies for Successful Asian Handicap Betting

With helpful Asian handicap betting strategies, you can improve your chances of making correct predictions on Kenyan bookmaker sites. In that view, here are some of the best tips:

Bet on The Situation, Not The Team

Like in any other market, the first strategy is to research the teams’ intricacies. The key here is not to bet on the team but rather on the situation of the team. Analyze their recent form—is it strong or weak? What do the head-to-head records suggest about team performance? Are there injuries or suspensions that could affect the gameplay? The more informed you are about the teams’ situation, the better your Asian handicap picks will be.

Consider The Odds

While the favorites are generally presumed to carry the win, it’s advisable to first look at the odds, as you may get better value when betting on the underdogs. If, for example, following your analysis, you find that the Kenyan bookmaker’s odds don’t properly reflect the team’s chances, you can bet toward the higher value. In other words, if you think a bookmaker has underestimated their shot at an upset, consider betting on the underdog, as they have a higher payout.

Hedge Your Bets

With Asian handicaps, it’s always a good idea to hedge your bets to minimize losses and maximize profits. For example, if Team A is a favorite, you can bet on it and still place a small bet on Team B to cover the handicap spread. If Team A wins, you’ll possibly win both bets, and if Team B wins, you will lose on the Team A bet, but you’ll have a smaller loss to bear.

Consider Asian Handicap Live Betting

While you can get profits in pre-match betting for Asian handicap, you might probably increase your winning chances when betting live. With live betting, you’ll be monitoring the games as the action unfolds, so you can adjust your Asian handicap bet accordingly to move with the wave of the match.

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Sportsbooks Comparison

To find the best value for your money when betting on the Asian handicap, compare what different sportsbooks in Kenya offer. Base your comparison on merits such as odds for different handicap margins/sizes, among others. Go for a sportsbook that has higher odds, but even so, be sure to check for its reputation and safety. You should also consider placing your Asian handicap bets on bookies with promotions/offers on that market.

Bet Responsibly

Asian handicap betting is also considered gambling and could get you into problem gambling, particularly when trying to chase the competitive odds offered by this market. Be sure to employ responsible gambling practices, including betting within the limits of what you can afford to lose. It’s equally important to take breaks, particularly when you feel like you’re losing control of your gambling behavior.

Advantages of Asian Handicap Betting

You can win even if your team isn’t the outright winner. With an Asian handicap, your team doesn’t have to win utterly by scoring the most points, goals, or runs. The positive and negative handicaps act as a shield, such that your bet can win even if your team is not the outright winner.

AH Offers Better Odds

While the Asian handicap is riskier than the traditional 1×2 betting market, it has the potential for bigger payouts, particularly when betting on underdogs. Generally, the odds in AH markets are more attractive because the possibility of a draw is limited.

Diverse Betting Options

The Asian handicap market is quite diverse because you are not just focusing on the outcome; you are focusing on the margin of victory, which can be variable. This gives you more opportunities to find value in uneven matchups.

Minimized Risk

The Asian handicap betting market allows you to reduce your risks by minimizing the impact of unforeseen outcomes. In other traditional betting markets, a match resulting in a draw makes your bet lose. Thankfully, Asian handicap betting changes this idea of a draw by introducing a push that has your stake refunded. This safety net helps minimize the risk of losing all your stake, offering a more secure betting experience.

Betting in Asian Handicap Market is Exciting 

Giving an underdog a positive handicap means that the favorite has to put in more effort to offset the handicap. The underdogs, on their part, have a way to pull back from an offset. Though uncertain, this scenario adds a layer of excitement, which is appealing to many Kenyan punters.

Challenges and Risks

Asian handicap also presents some challenges and risks that you must be aware of before placing your bets.

Complexity in Understanding

Asian handicap betting can be tough, especially for new bettors. This complexity spurs from understanding the handicap and interpreting the values. It requires a deeper learning curve, is quite time-consuming, and thus can be stressful at times.

AH is Widely Available

AH is only available in a few chosen sports. Also, it’s not widely known, so not many Kenyan bookies have this market.

Too Many Options

While diversity is a plus, too much of it can be confusing, especially in betting. With too many options to bet on within the AH market, it might be tricky to narrow your focus. You might end up spreading your choices too thin or, at times, too broad, which can affect your chances of winning.

Injury And Team Updates

In-play injuries and last-minute changes to a match can have a great impact on the overall results, especially in AH, where a slight margin can make a difference.

Market Variability

AH experiences significant fluctuations in market odds as the odds are not fixed. If, therefore, you don’t do your homework in comparing AH odds, you might end up with a lower value for your money when you should have otherwise had a boom.

Asian Handicap Betting In Different Sports

Asian handicap betting is available in a few different sports, as follows:


Football is arguably the most popular sport for Asian handicap betting in Kenya. It focuses on eliminating a draw by offering a handicap that can be -+.0.25, -+0.5, -+0.75, -1.25, +1.75, or -2.50. To bet on these AH options, you need to learn football betting tips for Asian handicap to guide you through what every handicap margin means.


Basketball is perfect for Asian handicap betting in Kenya, where you can bet on the NBA and other international basketball leagues. The AH analogy for this sport is similar to football, only that with basketball, the handicap margin is always above 1.00. This means that you cannot have 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75 margins, probably because of the high-scoring nature of this sport.


Tennis betting is another market that many Kenyan punters like placing their AH bets on. The reason for its popularity is the fun and the opportunities it offers, more so in the men’s ATP tour. In most cases, the match happens between players of unequal abilities. The set for the favored player may start with -1.5 or -2.5, while those for the unfavored one may begin with +1.5 or +2.5.


Just like in other games, Asian handicap bets in volleyball make it a fair fight between teams. The handicaps are in the form of sets, where a top team might begin with a -1.5 set handicap. For you to win the bet, the team must win by two sets at least. Meanwhile, a less favored team may get a start with a +1.5 set handicap. This gives them a soft landing, even if they don’t win the game entirely.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey presents a unique challenge for Asian handicap betting in Kenya. Unlike high-scoring sports like basketball, ice hockey’s scores are usually lower. Because of this, handicap margins are typically low. For example, a favorite team could begin with a -0.75 goal handicap. On the other hand, the underdog team might kick off the game with a +0.75 goal handicap. These tweaks to the final scores aim to level the betting field.

Comparison With Other Betting Formats

AspectOutcome possibilitiesRisk levelMarket availabilityComplexityPotential payout
Asian handicap bettingWin, lose, or pushModerate Some sportsHighly ComplexHigh
1×2 bettingWin, lose, or drawLowMost sportsSimpleHigh for underdogs or low for favorites
Over/Under bettingOver or under specified totalModerateMost sportsModerateHigh
Double chanceWins if one of the two selected outcomes occurs (e.g., Home win or draw)LowMost sportsSimpleLow
Correct scorePredicting the exact score of the matchHighMost sportsComplexHigh
100% Up To 190,000 KES + 150 FS Code: N/A
100% up to KES 15,000 Code: N/A
200% Up To 20,000 KES Code: N/A


With relatively higher odds than many traditional markets, Asian handicap presents Kenyan bettors with great opportunities to bet. You can win more money by finding value bets where the odds are in your favor. Better still, in most cases, wins are usually guaranteed as the AH seeks to remove the difference between mismatched teams.

But there’s one thing about this market—it’s not the most straightforward. Take quality time to read and analyze the market. When you’re confident with your knowledge, find a reputable bookmaker that will accommodate Asian handicap betting in Kenya in 2024.

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