1X2 Betting in Kenyan Betting Sites

1×2 betting, also known as full-time result betting, is perhaps the most popular market for bettors in Kenya. It involves picking the winning team, or if the game will end in a draw. But there’s a lot more to learn in order to fully leverage the marker. This guide will walk you through everything about 1×2 betting in Kenya. You’ll also find the best 1×2 betting bookmakers where you can place your bets.

Definition and Purpose of 1×2 Betting

1×2 is a betting option that allows you to wager on the full-time result of a match, either a win for one of the teams or a draw. It represents three possible outcomes from a match:

  • A win for the home team (1)
  • A draw (x)
  • A win for the away team (2) 

Many Kenyan punters prefer this 1×2 betting option because it is easy to understand. The odds can also be quite high, especially if there is an underdog or if the match is fairly even.

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How 1×2 Betting Works

In 1×2 betting, you are basically choosing the outcome that you think is most likely to happen. Practically, take, for example, Gor Mahia is playing Ulinzi Stars. If you think Gor Mahia will win, you’ll bet on (1). On the other hand, if you presume the match will end in a draw, you’ll bet on (x), and if you think Ulinzi Stars will win, you’ll bet on (2). 

Each selection has different odds, and so will your winnings, depending on what you choose. The chances of winning any single option are 33% for a fairly even match. If there’s an underdog, the probability changes, often granting the favorites higher chances of winning than. However, when using 1×2 betting, remember that upsets do happen. So, betting on the underdog shouldn’t be completely ruled out, as it often has the highest odds.

Strategies for 1×2 Betting

While 1×2 betting might seem simple, there are a few tips that can boost your chances of winning. Here are the top 1×2 betting strategies you can employ to help you make the right predictions:

Diversify Your Betting Portfolio

When betting on a 1×2 betting in Kenya 2024, don’t just rely on football sport only. You can bet on other sports such as rugby, and ice hockey, among others, for they offer great opportunities for huge wins. Betting on different sports means that you can get more wins because, after all, you are diversifying. 

Know the Teams’ Current Form

Research the teams’ past and recent head-to-head records to know whether they have been excelling or struggling. Are there any injuries especially on star players? All these factors influence the strength of a team. The stronger the current form, the higher the chances of winning. A team’s current form is an indication of their momentum and motivation to win.

Consider Home Advantage

There’s often an advantage associated with playing at home. Home players will often benefit from the support of their fans at home, which will motivate them to outdo their competitors. Also, a home team may be pretty familiar with the pitch or court, making them perform generally better than the away team. 

Consider a Draw

Sometimes, depending on how evenly matched the teams are, you might want to consider a draw. Betting on a draw could be a smart strategy especially when you think both teams have equal chances of winning. 

Consider Other Factors

There are a couple of other factors that can influence the potential of a team to win. For instance, consider the resting time– has either team been more rested than the other, whether they were on a journey or another match?  Also, consider if either team could be anticipating a bigger match or rather their league position. These factors, combined with others discussed above, can help you rightfully predict the winner. 

Expert Predictions on the Match

To further strengthen your analysis, you might want to consider what other 1×2 betting experts think about the outcomes of that game. You can join various sports forums where these experts share their knowledge on possible outcomes in sports betting.

Compare Odds

When you’re done with your homework and you know which team to bet on, it’s time to compare odds from various Kenyan bookies. Although the odds for all betting markets are strictly regulated and standardized, there are often small differences from one bookmaker to another. Don’t underrate the power of these differences– even the slightest increase in odds can increase your potential payout. Be sure to bet with a platform where you get good value for your money.

Utilize Bonuses

It’s important to make use of bonuses and promotions offered by bookmakers when betting on a 1×2 betting market. While most bonuses are for general use, some are specifically tied to the 1×2 betting so be sure to check out for them. It wouldn’t hurt if you also used unspecified bonuses for the 1×2 betting market.

Don’t Be Carried Away By Emotions

Often, almost every punter has a team they support and this could cost your win particularly when betting on the 1×2 betting. It’s important that you stay in control of your emotions, betting based on rational and objective analysis, instead of emotionally betting on a team you are a fan of.

Benefits of 1×2 Betting

Kenyan punters betting on the 1×2 betting market enjoy several benefits as follows:


Unlike other betting markets where you’d need a basic understanding of the concept, 1×2 betting is effortless, you are simply picking on 1, x, or 2. This simplicity makes 1×2 betting in Kenya accessible even for beginners.

Potential Big Payouts for Underdogs

1×2 betting in Kenya 2024 has significantly high payouts if you are betting on the underdog. Underdogs always have higher odds which translates to more money when they win. Many Kenyan bettors enjoy the thrill of major upsets and big payouts when betting on underdogs.

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Time Flexibility

When betting on a 1×2 betting market, you have the flexibility to place pre-match bets or in-play bets. The option to bet as the match unfolds allows you to observe the teams’ performance and look for any opportunity to bet on the excelling team. Most Kenyan bookmakers also allow you to cash out 1×2 bets even before the match ends, though at adjusted odds. 

Variety of Betting Options

With 1×2 betting, you can never run out of betting options. Most sports have this betting market including football, basketball, rugby, and cricket. Additionally, the 1×2 betting market is available in small leagues and major leagues across the world so you’ll never run out of matches to bet on.

Challenges and Risks

1×2 betting in Kenya 2024 may be one easy market, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s risk-free. There are a few risks which include:

Low Value for Favorites

One of the greatest drawbacks of 1×2 betting is that it might be hard to find value for your money especially when it’s clear that the favorites will win. Kenyan bookies will always place very low odds in such cases, and unless you are betting with significant amounts, your profits will be very low.

Uncertainty in Sports Can Affect Outcomes

Sometimes, there is a lot of uncertainty in sports betting that can impact the outcomes of 1×2 betting. The underdog may win due to unforeseen or unpredictable circumstances. There could also be major or minor upsets such as the ball taking a bounce. The referee could also make a bad call, which could influence the outcome of the final match. 

Small Margin for Error

With only three options in 1×2 betting, the margin for error is quite small. This is true compared to other betting markets where multiple combinations offer a cushion against loss. 

1×2 Betting in Different Sports

When it comes to 1×2 betting, some sports are better off suited to this market than others. Sports with two possible outcomes are perfect for 1×2 betting. Let’s look at the sports where 1×2 betting in Kenya 2024 is most applicable:


This is the most popular sport for 1×2 betting. With soccer, you’ll be choosing between home, draw, or away. Most soccer matches end in a draw or favor the favorites. Study each team’s form and consider other football betting tips for 1×2 to make an informed decision on which team to bet.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey betting is becoming quite popular in Kenya and is its 1×2 betting market. The 1×2 betting market in ice hockey offers punters more chances to win than other markets. Making specific predictions for ice hockey is rather tricky, so you can utilize 1×2 betting to make much easier decisions and create wins. 


If you want to start betting on rugby and add outright fun to your betting adventure, 1×2 betting should be your go-to-market. This fiercely competitive sport allows Kenyan punters to bet on the home, or away team, and where the match is tight, you can settle for a draw. 


Basketball is a great sport to bet 1×2 betting market. Although the NBA doesn’t have ties, some other European Basketball leagues allow for draws at the end of the normal gaming time. And when the draw occurs, it has significantly high returns. 


Tennis is another interesting sport with two players but three outcomes– player A or B could win or there could be a tie/push. When betting 1×2 on tennis, consider how the two players match up against each other. Often, the player with a strong serve-and-volley game takes the win. 


For Kenyan punters who like betting 1×2 betting market in challenging situations, cricket offers this perfect chance. This sport has many variables, which makes choosing a winner difficult. If you are up to the challenge, do your analysis and you could be up for some great wins with 1×2 betting in cricket.

Comparison with Other Betting Formats

When it comes to sports betting, there are a dozen formats that you can bet, with 1×2 being the most common. The table below shows how the 1×2 market compares with other common types of betting formats in terms of risk level and return potential.

Betting formatDescription Returns Potential Risk Level 
1×2 (match betting/moneyline)You pick either home (1), draw (x), or away (2)Depends on the choice; could be low or highCould be low or high depending on choice
Handicap (point spread) Giving one team a virtual deficit to overcome to level the playing field. Medium High 
Over/Under (Totals betting)Betting on whether the total goals/points will be over or under a certain number Medium Medium 
Double Chance BettingBetting on two of the three possible outcomes Low Low 
Accumulator (Parlay Betting)Placing multiple bets on a single bet where all selections must win for the overall bet to winHighHigh
Correct ScoreInvolves predicting the exact correct outcome of a matchHigh High 
Both teams to Score (BTTS)Betting that each team will score at least one goal. Often used alongside another market eg match betting.Low Low 
100% Up To 190,000 KES + 150 FS Code: N/A
100% up to KES 15,000 Code: N/A
200% Up To 20,000 KES Code: N/A


In summary, 1×2 betting in Kenya 2024 is a great way to dive into the betting market. There are no complex rules or calculations, you just need to choose a winner. While the potential wins are generally smaller compared to other markets, the simplicity and flexibility of this market make it enticing to both beginners and experienced bettors.

A basic understanding of how this market works followed by the adoption of smart strategies can make the whole difference in your betting story. Remember to play in a reputable bookie that guarantees you the safety of your personal and financial information.

As you play, practice responsible gambling practices, including betting within the limits of your budget and taking breaks when necessary.